Tech startups discover new gadgets to keep the customers coming back for their products in this technological era. Ideally, the industry veterans work tirelessly around the clock to produce cool electronic devices meeting the consumers' current needs.

The devices serve different purposes in our lives, including entertainment, communication, and product variety. With the array of smartphones, laptops, games consoles, tablets, and electronic toys, many people use them to have lithium-ion batteries built to necessitate their functions. Besides, the batteries are used in e-cigarettes and vapes.

When wrongly used, the batteries may explode, causing several deaths and severe burn injuries.  It is ideal to follow the manufacturer's guidelines on using a device to avoid battery explosion. Like e-cigarettes, manufacturers claim they are healthier when used effectively for persons who want to quit smoking altogether.

What is the Composition of the Batteries?

The battery found in electronic gadgets and cars is the lithium-ion type. They recharge quickly and repack the absorbed power into a small size that makes it ideal for laptops and phones to work efficiently. Besides, electric cars and some jumbo jets work with the same battery type.

Manufacturers settle for lithium of all the other metals because they have the most significant electrochemical potential and have the largest density for weight. The battery has been used since the 1990s and has a promising future. Unlike other batteries, lithium-ion has low maintenance with increased viability.

The reason every device is seeking the use of lithium-ion in their batteries is that:

  1. It has a high density providing energy for every increasing capacity.
  2. It has low self-discharge
  3. Low maintenance when there is a need
  4. Gives high current to applications

However, the metal component also has a few disadvantages, which are:

  • It's prone to aging fast.
  • Costly to manufacture
  • Not fully mature as metals changes with time
  • It requires a protected circuit to maintain the voltage and current within its safety limit.

Since the lithium metals change with time due to immaturity, they are prone to an explosion in cases where they are not appropriately handled or not packed correctly.

In most cases, safety and liability surrounding battery usage remain a top concern amongst the users. The batteries' use is widespread in everyday items with proximity to key organs in the human body, the skull, or brain.

When you receive a phone call, you lift the phone to the ears, closer to the skull, and when an explosion occurs, you risk catastrophic head injuries. For this reason, you should reach out to Consumer Alert Now if you have suffered such injuries or know someone having the same injuries.

Causes of Batteries Explosions

Consumers have different tastes and preferences. In the recent past, there has been a tendency where small and powerful electronic devices are sought for in the market. This threw the manufacturers into squeezing the lithium-ion batteries into smaller spaces, which creates further problems.

Being that the smaller devices are popular, lithium-ion batteries are also becoming prevalent. These batteries keep energy and release them later through organized chemical reactions. From the gained popularity, manufacturers also want to make a profit-making them work tirelessly on battery life and faster-charging speeds.

All these happenings mean companies are pushing their luck in the technology industry while risking consumers' lives exposed to battery explosions. Remember, while the manufacturers push the limit to meet the capacity they should produce, it implies increasing product liability.

The main reason for these explosions is because every battery has a highly-flammable liquid electrolyte chemical, which can easily catch fire when a battery overheats or gets damaged. That is why mobile phones, laptops, and e-cigarettes, most of the time, catch fire because of the thermal runaway defective feature they will operate on.

The other known causes of battery explosion include:

  1. Short- circuits – This is where a device charges in high temperatures causing the battery to short circuit and sometimes explode.
  2. Using a wrong charger or overcharging a device
  3. Faulty wiring on the battery
  4. Manufacturers defect
  5. Damages
  6. High or hot temperatures
  7. Having contact with keys, coins, and other metals

It is, therefore, essential to know how to handle your batteries to avoid explosions. Some of the warnings are indicated on the battery to guide the consumer on its correct usage. Some people do not bother heeding the instructions, which causes accidents. It is ideal for taking every precautionary measure to keep yourself and the devices safe.

Types of Battery Explosions

Ranging from the varied causes of the explosions, devices explode, causing injuries to the users. Remember, most of the user devices' battery may harm you when used in the wrong manner. Here are the types of battery explosions you may face;

  1. Short-circuit battery explosions

Of all the ways battery explosions occur, short circuits contribute a lot to the devices catching fire. When a thermal runaway makes the chemicals heat up, usually above 1,000o F, then boil, releasing gases making the battery burst open. Remember, the chemicals then the first leak hitting an electrical spark making the battery explode.

In other cases, 367,000 lithium-ion batteries were recalled from the market by Endliss Technology Inc. in October 2017 due to overheating, resulting in burn injuries. Many cases were reported that led to the recall of the product off the market shelves. It is reported that over ten people suffered severe burns resulting from the explosions, and there were over 96 reports of overheating, with the thermal runaway being the sole cause. Of all the cases, the products were sold on from September 2014 to 2020 July.

  1. Phone battery explosions

Phone batteries have also exploded worldwide. In 2016, it got into the limelight when Samsung company recalled the Galaxy Note 7 series phones after complaints erupted of the battery causing severe burns. Since that time, many lawsuits have been filed by victims or people whose relatives got burned due to battery explosions.

  1. Hoverboards battery explosions

Many people have also filed class-action lawsuits. In 2017, there were over 500,000 hoverboards removed from the market because of faultiness. Their lithium-ion battery component is prone to catching fire, exploding when being charged, or burning down houses after exploding. On several grounds, the manufacturers have battled individual lawsuits and other class-action suits from the victims of burn and property damage.

  1. Headphones battery explosions

Headphones batteries have also exploded. A report in 2017 showed an Australian woman was severely burned arising from a battery explosion while on a flight. While the woman was fast asleep on the plane, she forgot to remove the headphones, plugged into another power source. Two hours later, she was woken up by an explosion, which resulted in serious burns on the face, hands, and hair.

  1. Laptop battery explosions

Laptop batteries have also been recalled from the market. The Apple company removed the 15-inch MacBook Pro from the market in June 2019 because the battery quickly overheats and catches fire. In recent times, other companies followed the same suit of recalling lithium-ion batteries, including Apple, Toshiba, Dell, and HP, because of the risk of fires.

  1. Power banks battery explosions

Power bank explosions have also been witnessed due to battery deficiencies. A report by PCNA in January 2015 states that about 5000 giveaway items were recalled after one of them accidentally caught fire. The problem was linked to the battery overheating and igniting, posing a risk to fire outbreaks and other related hazards.

  1. E-cigarette and vape battery explosions

For people who are trying to quit nicotine or smoking, e-cigarettes are used to control the habit. Some also use the personal vaporizers commonly known as vapes to desist from the smoking culture. Statistics in the U.S indicate that both vapes and e-cigs have been available in the market for the last ten years, with about 3 million people entirely using them.

Even though federal law governs cigarette smoking, e-cigs are not fully regulated as it should be done. This makes the product liability to be high to the manufacturers. The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) has reported illnesses and tragedies triggered by e-cigs and issues a stern warning to the users. The tragedies include:

  • Heart failure
  • Seizure
  • Pneumonia
  • Vape batteries explosions
  • Catastrophic burns
  • Death

In most cases, the warnings are never appropriately printed on the e-cigs devices. So if you are a victim of a severe burn or other related injuries from a battery explosion, you should contact Consumer Alert Now to be guided for necessary steps to take. If there are other significant complaints, you can jointly file for a class-action lawsuit if the manufacturer is found guilty of not properly labeling the warning.

You never know; battery explosions generally result in severe injuries and sometimes death. Mostly, explosions incidents involve blindness and even permanent scarring because the victim might have been holding the phone close to the face or hands when an explosion occurred. Therefore, it is ideal to seek expert attorneys' services to guide you in finding the liable parties. You can be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering caused by the battery explosion.

Injuries in Battery Explosions

When a battery explodes while you are using it, the chances of being burnt are high. In lucky scenarios, you may push the device away from you to prevent yourself from any injury. There have been reports on burned victims lodging for either mass tort or class action lawsuits.

Most of the time, battery explosions affect the quality of a person and a professional life. The severe injuries associated with explosions are:

  1. Scarring
  2. Burns
  3. Deep cuts
  4. Skull injuries
  5. Face injuries
  6. Hands and other body parts injuries
  7. Disfigurement
  8. Death

Even though battery explosions do occur, they are an uncommon type of accident. The U.S Consumer Reports that batteries have a failure rate of less than one in a million cases. These statistics make battery explosions rare accidents which, when they occur, should be taken with seriousness. If you are a victim of a device battery exploding or know someone who has suffered injuries because of the same cause, contact Consumer Alert Now to be guided on the steps to take to ensure justice is served.

What to do in Battery Explosions Injuries

When you suffer from battery explosions, the first actions you take significantly impact the recovery process. If your phone's battery explodes, do the following:

  • Do not panic –, move away from the exploding device and also tell other people in the room to comply. If possible, you can take the burning device outside the house or building.
  • Check if you have injuries – After an explosion, examine everyone near the device for possible injuries. In case there is fire, call for immediate medical care to resolve burn cases. Even if someone feels they were not hurt during the explosion, they must be examined by a medical professional after the incident.
  • Notify the police – Immediately an explosion occurs, you should call the police. It's even better if you request an ambulance in necessary cases. When the police arrive, ask them to make a comprehensive explosion accident report to help you in the afterward use records.
  • Start Collecting Evidence – After the police arrive, begin gathering evidence. You can take pictures of the damage at the accident scene. If the police interview witnesses available at the scene, ensure you store the records. You can as well reach out to the witnesses for their statements. Additionally, if debris may have fallen off from the destroyed device, keep them for later use.
  • Consult a lawyer for a way forward – Remember that you do not pick any lawyer to guide you on the next course of action. A skilled lawyer will evaluate the accident causes and help you settle for the best claim; for the best attorneys' in battery explosions, contact Consumer Alert Now, having vast experience in dangerous devices cases.

The first actions you take after an explosion will save you from further injury or damage to property. It is, therefore, important to take precautions to avoid unnecessary explosions or prevent further harm altogether.

Compensations in Battery Explosions

You may have incurred damages to property and injuries from a battery explosion. After the incident, you are eligible to seek compensation for all the damages you incurred during the accident. You may not underestimate the cost of treating the burns or the cuts. However, the minor accident may turn to be catastrophic with piling medical bills and longer durations spanning to years for full healing to be recovered. In the meantime, you would have lost your wages and incurred miscellaneous expenses. This serves as the need to lodge a compensation claim.

To fully resolve a battery explosion accident, go for legal action to be awarded legal damages for the incurred losses. The warded damages may include:

  • Specific damages – These are meant to cover hospital bills, incurred medical expenses, lost earning ability, repairment services for destroyed homes or houses, reconstructive surgery, vehicle refurbish, and other losses that may have been incurred.
  • General damages – These damages may not be able to be quantified. They are the physical pain and anguish, emotional distress, and loss of consortium.

If the battery product happens to have affected a larger group of consumers, it may call for a recall of the market's product. A legal lawsuit may also be administered by the large group known as a class-action lawsuit for a possible settlement of the affected persons.

To know more about the type of lawsuit you ought to go for, seek the services of a skilled battery lawyer. They will advise you if it's to go for an individual lawsuit or join a class-action suit. Therefore, don't waste time. Contact us soonest as Consumer Alert Now to get the justice you are seeking.

Does Battery Explosions Qualify as Class Action Lawsuits?

Since battery explosions coverage is limited on the news, it is ideal for searching for people who have suffered from the same product online. Lawsuits are filed by many victims who have similar causes of the accident. This action demonstrates the product's severity, which may lead the commodity to be recalled from the market.

In 2017, e-cigarettes companies faced a time. Injured e-cigs consumers filed lawsuits in pursuit of justice after getting permanent injuries from battery explosions. All the victims suffered from injuries in the mouth, face, hands, legs, and other body parts, making them file for a class-action lawsuit.  In most cases, the injuries differed because it depended on the location of the e-cigarette at the time of the explosion.

In Florida, Gainesville, a man was awarded compensation amounting to two million after he sustained injuries resulting from e-cigs. At the time of the explosion, the e-cigarette was on his mouth, knocking off his teeth.

The number of battery explosions is overwhelming with grieving victims, but fewer lawsuits filed for the same cases. If there is awareness of these cases, victims can team up and file a strong lawsuit to compel the manufacturer to be accountable for the wrongdoings.

Liability in Battery Explosion Accidents

You have to successfully identify liable parties in a battery explosion accident if you want to secure compensation for the damages incurred. The explosion may cause catastrophic injuries and major property damages if a laptop explodes while in use; the explosion may be linked to the manufacturer because of the product defect. This implies that all the injuries got plus the damages caused to your property, the manufacturer may carry the cost if you prove beyond any doubt of the liability.

As much as product liability differs, you need to know the exact type of defect that caused the accident. Maybe it can be a design defect, warning label defect, or manufacturing defect. So, you need to incorporate a competent lawyer's services to help you locate the liable party. They may include:

  1. Battery designer
  2. Battery manufacturer
  3. Manufacturer of the warning label
  4. Battery's application distributor
  5. Battery's application vendor

Since the bone of contention is the party to incur damages, proving battery explosion liable parties can be a daunting task. For example, you must prove that a vendor or distributor of the battery product sold the commodity with the knowledge of its harmfulness to the consumers. Maybe they knew it had already existing defects or was dangerous. A good example is a renowned vendor selling laptops while knowing very well; the battery is defective.

Even though proving liability can be a headache, it is worth the struggle when compensation comes through. It is ideal for reaching a Consumer Alert Now lawyer for your case. It is good to rest and recover while we battle for your settlement.

Find a Consumer Alert Now Attorney Near Me

Battery explosions can happen when least expected, throwing you into confusion. Your life can be turned upside down in a minute from the catastrophic injuries to the damaged property. You can suffer from head injuries, burns, scarring, and, worse of all, a wrongful death. All these situations may affect your financial standing and that of the family at large. You may struggle to get compensation from the liable parties and the insurance company if you prove their negligence to be the cause of the accident.

If the explosion happened because of a party's fault, be assured of compensation. Our team of professional attorneys has vast experience in dealing with legal suits in the battery explosion field. They will help you identify the liable parties for the damages and continue pursuing the deserved compensation. In the meantime, you will be allowed to rest and heal faster as we walk within the court corridors.

Besides, we will also help you settle for the best legal suit. In some instances, where there are many same explosion complaints, you will join the other class for a class-action lawsuit. However, if you are alone in the accident, we recommend you go for an individual lawsuit.

We will protect your rights while pursuing legal justice and prevent you from incurring further costs on the case. Contact us at 800-511-0747 for your guidance in your case today.