The use of medical drugs and supplements is vital for patients diagnosed with various conditions. Numerous products are available in the market to support patients living with these medical conditions and could be essential, depending on what your body requires. However, it is necessary to be keen when picking a pharmaceutical drug or product to avoid buying a defective product. For instance, before using Injectafer, you should check whether the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves it for market distribution and consumption.

If a product causes severe side effects, you can seek legal redress. Typically, your case would fall in the torts category, meaning that you would need to show how the defective product affected you before receiving damages. At the Consumer Alert Now, we aim to provide all the necessary information on different drugs and other medical supplies to ensure that you are aware of any reported issues or risks of choosing certain products.

Additionally, we help aggrieved consumers with the preparations and filing of mass torts, whereby they can seek justice for the injuries or losses suffered from defective products. With the coordination of legal experts and medical professionals across the country, we provide genuine support for your matter and ensure that you seek the appropriate redress.

Defining Injectafer

Injectafer, also known as Ferric Carboxymaltose, is a product used for iron replacement in the body through an intravenous injection. The product is made of an iron carbohydrate that slowly releases the iron into the bloodstream for even distribution and use.

The targeted market for Injectafer products is a patient diagnosed with iron-deficient anemia. Patients living with kidney disease that does not require treatment using dialysis can also use Injectafer, mainly because the correct supplements can manage it. Additionally, if you have undergone iron therapy before using oral intake methods, you may become intolerant of the iron administration mode. As a result, you may opt for Injectafer, as it uses an intravenous injection to deliver the iron to your body.

Injectafer distinguishes itself from most other similar products because it does not include Dextran as one of its components. A Dextran molecule is commonly found in most products used in the intravenous administration of iron and is often linked to several bodily side effects.

However, despite the lack of Dextran as a component in Injectafer, some of its users still report several side effects after use, some of which may lead to adverse outcomes if not identified and treated early. It is important to note that side effects vary from one person to another because body physiological factors are not necessarily the same for everyone. Nevertheless, the side effects discussed below are fairly common and require prompt medical attention before complications arise.

Serious Side Effects of Using Injectafer

Any side effects that manifest themselves as symptoms are often an indication of your body's reaction or deficiency in a particular nutrient or element. Therefore, it is necessary to seek medical attention upon experiencing unusual bodily reactions or sensations. Here are some of the severe side effects caused by Injectafer.

  1. High Blood Pressure

Most people are susceptible to suffering from high blood pressure even without using Injectafer. High blood pressure occurs from normal body operations that gradually increase the chances of the condition. Thus, most situations that arise over the years are known as primary hypertension. However, the more common type is secondary hypertension. It may occur as a side effect for patients who use Injectafer to manage their kidney disease, mainly because your average blood pressure is affected by improper kidney function. Other common causes of High blood pressure include having low levels of potassium in the body, which is common in patients suffering from anemia or kidney disease.

Dealing with high blood pressure as a side effect of using Injectafer may be a high cost to pay for treatment, mainly because of the many risk factors that come with it. The rate of blood pumping in your arteries often rises to higher levels than usual, leading to pressure in the narrow artery walls that could eventually overwhelm the heart from the high pressure.

Consequently, some patients may suffer from heart attacks or heart failures, especially when treatment is not available on time. Other mild outcomes of high blood pressure include experiencing constant headaches, nose bleeding, and shorter breaths.

Despite the potential severity of high blood pressure, it is a manageable condition, provided you seek treatment early. However, since it is likely to be an outcome of continuous use of Injectafer, it is termed among the most severe side effects, mainly because it adds bodily complications and the need for additional treatment.

  1. Phosphorus Deficiency in Your Body

Injectafer users also report cases of low Phosphorus levels in their bodies, which could lead to severe consequences. The phosphorus mineral is vital in the formation of healthy bones and teeth, as it strengthens the entire components to prevent breakage. Additionally, phosphorus plays a significant role in strengthening muscles by helping break the protein into amino acids for distribution in the bloodstream. Subsequently, a deficiency of the mineral in the body is bound to cause some physiological problems that may lead to severe symptoms.

A common symptom of low phosphorus levels in the body is experiencing bone pain, especially at the backbone. A patient may find it difficult to sit upright without straining or experiencing discomfort. The lack of enough phosphorus supply will affect your bone density, causing your bones to be weaker. You are also likely to experience pain at the joints and limbs, mainly your knees, elbows, and arms, because they are always in motion. Therefore, engaging in tasking activities that require significant bone strength to balance your body will result in painful and difficult effects afterward.

Your muscles may also become weaker, especially if the body lacks enough phosphorus to break down protein and distribute it to your muscles. Usually, your body muscles rely on amino acids from proteins to grow and sustain a healthy form, as you apply them to typical body movements. The muscle weakness may also arise from decreased mitochondrial functioning caused by a reduced supply of nutrients to the muscles. Your mitochondria cells are responsible for breaking down nutrients and supplying energy to your entire body, including cells in your body muscles. Thus, a lower level of phosphorus caused by Injectafer may result in reduced physiological functions.

In more adverse situations, low phosphorus levels could put a patient in a coma that may result in death. The leading cause of such adverse consequences is the reduced availability of phosphorus to break down carbohydrates, proteins, and fats for distribution in the body. The result is that your body cells will lack sufficient nutrients for energy production and facilitation of other physiological functions, leading to a comatose state until you are stabilized.

  1. Allergic Reactions

An allergic reaction occurs when your body rejects the Injectafer product because it may not be compatible with your normal body functions and nutritional components. In most cases, your body reacts to the additional chemicals present in the intravenous product, especially if you have never encountered such elements in your bloodstream.

An allergic reaction is your body's immune response system to the different products, and the body fights to expel it by layering several normal body functions. While you may suffer from a mild allergic reaction that is suppressed by antihistamine drugs, some responses may become severe and lead to anaphylactic shock.

When your body undergoes anaphylactic effects, the allergic reactions will be termed as severe and could cause subsequent symptoms. For example, you may experience difficulty breathing from an anaphylactic shock, primarily when your chest constricts from the allergic reaction. In such cases, it is crucial to seek immediate medical attention from a professional medical doctor to allow for proper diagnosis and management of the episodes. Sometimes, you may suffer from additional effects of constricted breathing, especially when your body cells lack an adequate supply of oxygen. Hence, you may experience recurring dizziness and confusion from the anaphylactic shock that could take days to recover fully.

Skin hives and rashes are also a common symptom of anaphylaxis, whereby you are likely to experience constant aches that consequently lead to skin hives. It is easy to spot the hives and rashes, mainly because they cause reddening of your arms, neck, legs, or itchiness. An effective remedy is to avoid itching until you receive the appropriate medication to suppress the symptoms. However, it may be challenging to prevent it, and patients often end up sustaining severe redness and swelling of the skin.

Other symptoms of extreme allergic reactions include nausea and vomiting and experiencing weak pulse rates from slowed cell functioning. Upon encountering any of the signs that indicate an allergic reaction, it is necessary to access professional medical attention, because delay in treatment may result in death. With prompt intervention and treatment, your body may take several days to make a full recovery, especially if there was not much interference with normal cell operations.

  1. Nervousness

Sometimes, the introduction of new iron supplies in your body may drastically affect your hormonal balance, leading to different mood changes. Among the several effects of hormonal imbalances includes constant nervousness that may result in panic attack episodes. When a patient experiences panic attacks, he/she may have difficulty breathing and expressing what he/she feels coherent. Consequently, the patient is also likely to feel dizzy or lightheaded from the limited supply of oxygen to the brain. Helpful breathing exercises may alleviate the problem, but it becomes more challenging to help a patient when he/she gets the attacks. On top of this, a patient suffering from nervousness may experience severe abdominal pains and high pulse rates, even when there are no immediate triggers in the environment.

Dealing with nervousness as a side effect of using Injectafer may be challenging because most diagnosis fails to identify the intravenous supply of iron as a possible cause of the impact. Nevertheless, you will receive medication to reduce the effects of nervousness and panic attacks and help you manage the effects without too much pressure or pain.

  1. Diarrhea

Experiencing difficulties in digestion and bowel movements often leads to diarrhea, a serious side effect that could lead to severe dehydration if not treated on time. Usually, a patient suffering from kidney disease is susceptible to diarrhea because of the complications that arise from improper absorption and retention of water and mineral salts. Therefore, the addition of Injectafer is a mode of treatment for such a patient may increase the risk of suffering from diarrhea because it is a different product in the body that could trigger several digestive problems.

While diarrhea is a common side effect of medication use, it becomes a severe condition that persists and prevents you from maintaining a healthy appetite and conducting your normal routine activities. Moreover, the disease leads to the loss of a lot of bodily fluids that are key in normal body functions. Hence, you will have to hydrate often until the condition subsides.

Despite the difficulty of continuing with healthy life when suffering from diarrhea, you can access different treatment options using oral solutions to hydrate the body and pills to reduce the activity of microbes in the gut. Therefore the effects should reduce with a constant intake of medication until you are ready to get back on your feet.

  1. Pounding Ears

If you experience a recurring feeling of pressure in your ears, it could be an early symptom of hypertension or other cardiovascular disorders arising from the use of Injectafer. Ear pounding may affect one or both ears, depending on the severity of the side effect. The condition occurs from the constriction of blood vessels leading to your head, including your ears. Therefore, the arteries’ compression causes you to hear your heartbeat in your ears, mainly from the high pressure applied as the blood pumps to different parts of the body.

Usually, ear pounding causes severe discomfort because you may experience ringing sounds and subsequent headaches from the constant pounding that often leads to distractions and irritation. The condition may also hinder you from receiving a good night's sleep from the noises exposed to your ears. Insomnia may also arise for most patients, leading to more problems like severe fatigue.

To alleviate the problem, you may consult with an ENT specialist, who will confirm that none of your eardrums is ruptured. Afterward, your doctor will conduct several tests to check for your blood pressure levels, which is often caused by pounding ears. If the situation is detected, you will receive treatment and instructions to help reduce the condition and help you get back to your daily life routine.

  1. Blurred Vision

Blurred vision may arise from different side effects of using Injectafer, including reduced levels of phosphorus. However, sometimes it is linked to the other impacts of the use of the intravenous product, including suffering from anaphylaxis and hypertension. Blurred vision is often accompanied by severe migraines that may last for hours or days. Therefore, most patients may report alleviated pain when exposed to direct light, or even after walking for small distances.

Blurred vision can significantly affect your life, primarily if you are an independent adult who has to drive to school or your workplace, among many other daily activities. Coupled with the severe headaches that are common in blurred vision, the condition may worsen and lead to complications. When your doctor conducts medical tests, it is important to notify him/her of your intake of Injectafer to allow for a proper diagnosis. This way, the doctor will check for any other underlying conditions that could be the leading cause of blurred vision.

Action You Can Take After Suffering From Severe Side Effects of Injectafer

As a buyer relying on Injectafer products to supply the correct amount of iron to your body, you have several rights to claim against a defective product that causes severe bodily complications and harm. With our help, you can find all the essential information and guidelines on how to file a suit in tort to help you receive compensation for the losses and damages sustained. 

Most cases proceed to court as mass torts, especially if a significant number of other Injectafer users come forward with similar complications and side effects. However, once the matter goes to trial, the presiding judge will treat each case individually. You are likely to suffer from different severe side effects that require varying degrees of analysis concerning the product.

Once the judge is ready to hear your matter, you will have to present evidence to support your claim in product liability that led to experiencing harmful side effects of the drug. For a product liability case, you intend to prove that the manufacturer is at fault for failing to make adequate warnings of possible side effects experienced when using Injectafer.

You may also sue for the defective manufacture of the intravenous Iron product, mainly when a professional pathologist establishes that your side effects were caused by the drug's interference with your normal body operations.

Since this is a legal matter, you will need to work with a professional attorney who is conversant with filing compensation in product liability torts for defective medical products. He/she will take you through the four necessary elements to prove a successful case presentation. They are:

You Used Injectafer for the Recommend Purposes

When aiming to prove that you suffered severe effects after using the intravenous iron product, the judge will require sufficient evidence to show that you used it for the correct purposes. To do so, you will have to present medical records that prove an existing anemic disease or a diagnosed kidney disease that does not require treatment with dialysis. Upon presenting such evidence, you will have successfully shown that your use of Injectafer was to supply adequate iron levels to your body to supplement a deficiency manifested by the two diseases.

Moreover, if you have had previous iron therapy using an oral supply of the nutrients, it is necessary to present the relevant information that will prove this. The documents are essential when you need to show that you become intolerant to oral iron therapy, leading to the use of Injectafer.

You Suffered Injury or Loss

At this point, the judge will require all necessary information concerning the nature of the side effects you suffered from using Injectafer. Therefore, you need to seek prompt treatment for the severe side effects to ensure that you do not face possible contributory negligence for delayed treatment. All medical reports and receipts you received from treating symptoms of Injectafer side effects will help provide your injuries and losses in court.

The Injectafer Product was Defective for Use

Often, the most severe side effects of using Injectafer arise from a highly defective product that should not be available in the market. For example, suppose the Injectafer product used in your intravenous iron therapy expired or lacked a significant component to reduce the risk of sustaining severe effects of use. In that case, it will be ruled as defective. You will need the help of a medical and pharmaceutical expert to analyze the Injectafer sample that led to severe body complications. After finding all the necessary information, you will consolidate it and present it in court to help.

The Side Effects You Suffered Were a Direct Result of Using Injectafer

You should also prove that the severe side effects were not caused by any other products apart from Injectafer. Determining this will require you to provide documentary evidence of your medical history until you began using the iron supply product. By analyzing your medical history, the judge can make an overall conclusion that the medical complications you experienced arose from Injectafer.

Moreover, the medical doctor who handled your symptoms after suffering from the side effects should provide a comprehensive diagnostic report that indicates a direct link of the complications to the use of Injectafer iron therapy.

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Seeking treatment using medication and supplements requires you to apply a high level of caution as you choose your treatment option to avoid suffering from severe side effects. With the help of Consumer Alert Now, you can obtain valuable information regarding defective medical products and other beneficial tips to guide you as you choose different products for use. Moreover, we provide countrywide information services to support all aggrieved persons to file mass tort cases. Ultimately, filing cases will help you recover from the damage and injuries sustained from using defective products. For more information, call us today at 800-511-0747.