The mislabeling of medical products is a dangerous occurrence that exposes consumers to risky outcomes. While most people affected by consuming the wrong dosage of drugs may make a full recovery, some could face irreversible damage or lose their lives. Therefore, as an affected consumer, you need to seek redress for the damage you experience after the consumption of incorrect drugs. Usually, the pharmaceutical manufacturing company should take proper steps towards maintaining high-quality standards. Before releasing the drug to the general market, the quality assessment procedures should occur to avoid exposing consumers to potential harm. However, some manufacturing companies have fallen short of the expected functions, leading to significant dangers to anyone using the wrongfully released products. Consequently, the manufacturing companies may have to remove the defective product from the market. However, the continuing market circulation often means that some customers have already used the wrong drug and suffered harm as a result.

When you or a loved one experienced life-threatening side effects from using mislabeled Montelukast tablets, you can seek legal redress for the issue. The best alternative to follow is joining a mass tort lawsuit to seek rightful compensation. Upon deciding to proceed, we recommend working with a well-experienced legal team that will help you navigate the terms of your suit. With a competent product liability attorney, you get access to helpful advice and legal guidance for the smoothest process. At Consumer Alert Now, you will work with highly skilled legal experts conversant with product liability lawsuits. Over the years, we have helped numerous clients countrywide recover from the injury and losses incurred after consuming wrong medical doses.

The Mislabeling Defects in Montelukast Tablets

Camber Pharmaceuticals is the company responsible for the manufacture and distribution of Montelukast tablets. After receiving numerous complaints from consumers who had suffered severe health problems from using Montelukast medication, the company reviewed the packaged drugs. Several investigations revealed an issue related to mislabeling and releasing the wrong dosage into the market. Hence, consumers were buying different medications used to treat another condition, packaged and presented as the Montelukast tablets.

Ideally, the packaged bottles of medicine should have included Montelukast tablets used to treat respiratory conditions. However, the mislabeled bottles contained Losartan Potassium tablets that serve to manage high blood pressure. Subsequently, various consumers used blood pressure medication for their respiratory conditions, creating room for adverse medical complications.

Since some consumers are unaware of Montelukast pills’ general appearance, physical descriptions are necessary. When you can identify and distinguish the sodium tablets from the mislabeled potassium drugs, you will avoid dealing with potential health complications. The Montelukast tablet design is a rounded square shape, with imprinted writings on either side of the tablet. The tablets should have a “1” digit on the front side, while the back should have “114’’ imprinted. Additionally, the tablet color should be orange-beige to help you ascertain that you are using the correct type of medication.

On the other hand, Losartan tablets are white or blue and have an oval shape. The mislabeling and improper package distribution caused significant confusion for regular consumers who used the pills without knowing the mislabeling issue. As a result, the recall provided inadequate redress for the product liability because of the continuous damage that consumers had incurred.

The Role of Montelukast Sodium Tablets

As mentioned, Montelukast tablets are used in treating respiratory conditions. The drug manufacturer includes Leukotriene receptor antagonists (LTRAs) that inhibit various allergens in the body. After intaking the medication, the LTRA combination will block chemical substances in different respiratory system parts to prevent the onset of allergies linked to breathing difficulties.

One of the main conditions that Montelukast controls is rhinitis, a problem that affects your nasal mucus membrane. Usually, you will experience irritation and swelling on the nose’s affected parts, leading to stuffiness and pain. When the drug takes effect in your body, the LTRAs will inhibit further production of allergens and reduce the impact of rhinitis.

Moreover, Montelukast medication is beneficial in managing asthma, especially for patients living with an acute condition. Asthma is a medical condition affecting the lungs and often lasts for a lifetime. Patients living with it may experience difficulty in breathing as the respiratory airways become inflamed.

Hence, the air you breathe will be limited, creating high respiratory pressure. In adverse cases, asthma causes severe attacks that require immediate medical attention, as your body may go into a state of shock from limited oxygen.

The triggering factor for most asthma patients is allergens like pollen, mold, and dust from mites. Additionally, some asthma cases worsen with continuous exposure to cold air, as your airways get inflamed from the sudden change of air temperature. Also, lifestyle engagements like smoking and consuming foods with triggering allergies will accelerate your case’s severity.

With Montelukast tablets, your body can control the triggers that invoke allergens, causing control in possible asthma attacks. The medication should maintain a continuous balance that suppresses the triggering allergens, mostly if you have consumed them for long periods.

Like asthma, Bronchospasm is another condition that makes it difficult for you to breathe. Most studies reveal that patients who develop asthma start by experiencing bronchospasm symptoms. However, the causative agents in Bronchospasm are not as defined as those that cause asthma. Patients will experience the condition in response to a stimulant that may vary from one person to another. Hence, the medication will serve effectively for both medical conditions, provided you follow an elaborate prescription.

Mostly, Montelukast uses the LTRA combination to reduce the occurrence of symptoms like wheezing and coughing. Your doctor may have also prescribed the pills to reduce feelings of chest tightness that occurs after inflammation. While the inhibiting functions may prevent recurring symptoms, you may need to combine other medications with Montelukast for effective treatment.

The Effects of Taking Losartan Instead of Montelukast Tablets

Since the mislabeled bottles of medicine contained Losartan in place of Montelukast, you also need to understand Losartan’s role and function. This way, you will learn of the various side effects that arise from using the wrong dose and seek legal redress for your medical complications.

Losartan is a medication used to treat or manage high blood pressure by controlling several bodily functions. Thus, the drug’s combination and functionality are entirely different from Montelukast, leading to severe side effects for patients who mistakenly consume it.

The drug mainly works by preventing the swelling of your left heart ventricle walls, a condition called Left Ventricular Hypertrophy. When the ventricle walls enlarge from inflammation, the chambers cannot hold sufficient blood, leading to increased pressure when pumping blood. Consequently, your hypertension may become dangerous and potentially lead to a heart attack.

Losartan also works to reduce the risk of stroke, primarily for patients living with high blood pressure. Since hypertension increases blood vessels’ pressure, patients living with the condition are susceptible to a stroke. With Losartan, the high-pressure situations are easy to control, reducing the probability of complications that may result in a partial or full-body stroke.

Based on the difference in Montelukast and Losartan use, you are prone to suffering from severe side effects from using the incorrect dosage. Some patients experience mild to moderate symptoms, while others may deal with life-threatening medical problems. The determinant factors for your case include your medical history and genetic predisposition to various body reactions. Some of the effects of using Losartan instead of Montelukast include:

Kidney Complications

When you suffer from kidney problems, you will face several symptoms that may occur gradually or all at once. The primary reason for kidney complications is from the overwhelming accumulation of chemical toxins from medication that your body does not need. Upon taking Losartan, the chemical components will be distributed in different parts of the body. However, most of the components will have to be excreted, as they do not serve the intended purpose. The kidney will have to filter the toxins as it prepares renal waste for release, meaning that it may easily overwork and cause additional problems.

Additionally, you may experience liver failure alongside kidney complications, as the liver works to remove toxins from your body as well. Thus, when the organ overworks in managing the chemical, medical components, it will begin to slow down, leading to liver failure.

The kidney complications also give rise to fluid retention, also known as edema. As mentioned, the kidney’s primary role is to filter waste from the bloodstream for excretion. Since your body holds most of its components in solution form, the kidney should filter out the excess fluid to allow urine and sweat formation.

However, the complications will limit the functionality, creating a risk of fluid retention. The liquid may accumulate in your limbs, stomach, or other body organs like the lungs. If not adequately treated, edema can cause infections and other complications that require surgical treatments.

Moreover, patients who experience adverse kidney complications may suffer from seizures or convulsions. While the triggering factors may vary, it is essential to note that the condition is dangerous, affecting your nerves and brain functioning. Therefore, you want to seek medical attention as soon as possible to avoid dealing with terminal complications.

Low Blood Pressure

Sometimes, your body may react to the use of the wrong medicine by reducing your blood pressure to dangerous levels. Low blood pressure will arise from the use of Losartan, a drug developed to manage the condition. Subsequently, you will begin experiencing common side effects associated with the disease. When the signs become recurrent or persistent, it is necessary to contact a medical professional for a proper diagnosis.

With low blood pressure, you can experience general body weakness. The symptom comes from the reduced supply of oxygenated blood, as the low pressure minimizes your body's functionality. Consequently, various body organs will receive low glucose amounts that leave you feeling weaker and tired more frequently.

You may also experience fainting episodes from the inadequate supply of blood glucose and oxygen. When your body becomes too weak to manage essential processes like breathing and maintaining balance, you will feel dizzy and even become unconscious for some time.

After fainting, you will need immediate first aid to help you regain consciousness and recover from the dizzy spell. Some remedies include placing you in a recovery position to allow proper blood circulation throughout the body. Additionally, you should snack on a light meal to provide enough glucose that maintains your body functions.

High Potassium Levels

Also, your body may suffer complications from the increased potassium levels in the blood. Usually, the condition is not life-threatening and may be managed by taking prescriptions to reduce the potassium. Nevertheless, some cases cause severe medical conditions that will cause pain and suffering without proper medical attention.

With high potassium levels, you may experience irregular heartbeats that occur periodically, depending on your condition’s severity. The irregular palpitations can become life-threatening, as your heart chambers will expand and contract at irregular rhythms, leading to muscle strains and fatigue.

Thus, you may also experience sharp pains as your heart muscles take on the pressure of unpredictable beats. Seeing your doctor is necessary in this case, as he/she can make a proper assessment and identify any other underlying conditions. If successful, you will begin treatment to protect you from the dangerous outcomes of irregular heartbeats from high potassium levels.

Loss of Pregnancy

If you were pregnant when taking the mislabeled medication, you would likely face catastrophic effects like a miscarriage. The Losartan doses are often too strong for the fetus to survive, creating increased risks of pregnancy complications. After experiencing a miscarriage, it is necessary to undergo a thorough medical examination to determine the primary cause of the problem.

Sometimes, the unborn baby may survive despite suffering irreversible harm. For example, the child may get severe congenital disabilities or redundant growth that continues after birth. When dealing with the effects of a miscarriage, we advise you to seek emotional support from loved ones to avoid a deterioration in mental health.

Filing a Mass Tort Lawsuit for Montelukast Mislabeling

When you choose to seek legal redress for the medical problems caused by improper labeling of medication, it is necessary to find information on the legal process. The interactions you have with your product liability lawyer provide practical support as you prepare to proceed with your matter.

As a result, we recommend giving all relevant details concerning your case to ensure that your lawyer captures essential information for use during the court proceedings. When working to join a mass tort suit, you will have to satisfy numerous requirements set out in civil procedures and court instructions. The needs range from the provision of sufficient proof to presenting case facts that align with the various other plaintiffs in the suit.

Your attorney will call you in for several meetings to help him/her gather the required information. During the interactions, you will have a chance to narrate the facts related to your case, to bring out the labeling defects of the Montelukast medicine you bought. Therefore, you need to explain several events, including when and where you purchased the medication and when you began taking it.

It also helps to discuss how you found out about the defectiveness in labeling, as it forms the basis of your complaint. For example, if you experienced side effects, the case facts will be useful in court to show that you suffered harm using Losartan instead of Montelukast.

Alternatively, if you discovered the defectiveness in labeling from the news or the side effects that a loved one experienced, you can also forward your complaints to your lawyer. When the attorney collects all relevant facts, he/she will begin working on the case arguments.

Before joining a mass tort suit, you must receive clearance from the court handling your case. The eligibility criteria for receiving confirmation includes presenting facts similar to other plaintiffs to the claim. Hence, your attorney can also schedule meetings with parties involved in the mass tort lawsuit to assess the nature of case facts.

The interactions will also allow you to compare tour facts with other aggrieved persons to help identify the different problems linked with Montelukast medication. If the court official handling your application confirms that you have satisfied all requirements, you will receive a clearance certificate.

In return, you will have the mandate to proceed with preparations for the lawsuit. Some of the activities you can proceed with include gathering evidence and witness testimonies against the product manufacturers. You should provide reliable and credible sources of proof that allows you to help increase the chances of success during proceedings.

The essential evidential sources to gather are your medical records that indicate the harm you suffered after using mislabeled Losartan drugs. For example, doctor reports, CT-scan results, and prescription forms are essential sources of proof for your case. With the medical information, you can prove that you consulted a doctor after experiencing unusual health conditions.

When you show the steps you took to seek medical attention, it helps your case, as you will avoid answering to probable contributory negligence. Most defendants who raise the issue do so to impose partial fault on you for failing to receive treatment.

Apart from medical records, you can also include the pharmaceutical receipts and prescription forms you used to buy the mislabeled drugs. This way, your attorney will establish that you are a direct victim of the defective product and can therefore raise valid claims.

When settling on the specific legal claim to present in your mass tort suit, it is necessary to assess your options’ possible success. Moreover, you will need to coordinate with other plaintiffs to avoid making separate claims that are unacceptable in the joint lawsuit. Often, product liability suits are a reasonable choice, as they impose strict liability on the respondent.

The strict liability doctrine can find the respondent liable, even when he/she has taken reasonable steps to reduce the harm. Thus, in this case, product recall will not be a mitigating factor to remove liability on Camber Pharmaceuticals.

On the other hand, the suit may entail filing claims in negligence to recover from medication’s improper labeling. Under the negligence claims, you will face an actionable per se suit, meaning that you will have to show the respondent’s failure to comply.

The four factors present in your presentation should show the existing duty of care to manufacture and label medicine effectively. Secondly, a breach must have occurred, leading to the causation of damages. The element of causation cements the defectiveness of the product to the injuries you later suffered. Finally, you will produce evidence to show the harm and losses incurred. The sources include proof of medical expenses, loss of wages from medical complications, and wrongful death of a loved one.

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The distress and complications you experience from consuming wrongfully labeled drugs may be overwhelming, especially after suffering from damaging medical problems. As a consumer, you are entitled to high-quality medical products that do not increase the risk of dealing with additional complications. Therefore, you can seek rightful compensation under a mass tort lawsuit to consume mislabeled Montelukast medicine. When you decide to join a mass tort suit, it is crucial to work with competent and reliable legal experts conversant with product liability laws. Choosing a good lawyer can make a difference between your case’s success or failure, so you want to go for the best.

At Consumer Alert Now, we dedicate our services to providing informative and helpful information on our clients’ product liability. With our services available throughout the country, you can count on us to prepare you for a mass tort lawsuit and equip you with the information you need for a successful outcome. If you or a loved one is looking to join a mass tort lawsuit for Montelukast mislabeling, call us today at 800-511-0747.