Many women across the country have chosen to use birth control pills as a form of family planning contraception to help with having children at the preferred time. Therefore, when you begin a birth control pill plan, you expect to avoid becoming pregnant as long as you follow the doctor’s directives. However, cases relating to defective contraceptive pills often put women at risk of unplanned pregnancies that arise from the failure of the pills' expected functionality.

Among the different flawed birth control brands recalled from the market is Taytulla. The drug is associated with unplanned pregnancies based on several defects with the packaging and placement of specific pills. If you or a loved one falls pregnant unexpectedly while on Taytulla, you have the right to recover damages for the emerging circumstances based on product liability. However, you need to note that the legal process will not be entirely smooth, mostly because you will have to fulfill strict deadlines and requirements before the matter proceeds to a hearing,

Additionally, you need help gathering credible sources of evidence to validate your claims during the trial. As a result, we recommend partnering with a defective product expert conversant with the legal procedures and requirements to fulfill a successful case outcome. With an experienced attorney by your side, you will also have an easier time joining a mass tort suit against the defendants to improve the chances of a successful case.

Working with Consumer Alert Now is an excellent choice for an aggrieved consumer who became pregnant while on Taytulla or suffered other adverse side effects. With our team’s help that provides countrywide services, you will access beneficial information and guidance as you prepare for a mass tort suit against the Taytulla manufacturers.

Understanding How Taytulla Works

Since the drug serves as birth control hormonal medication, it is essential to note that it significantly affects your body by introducing synthetic hormones to alter different natural reproductive processes. The main components in Taytulla pills are Norethindrone, a progestin hormone, and Ethinyl estradiol, an estrogen hormone. The two synthetic hormones mimic your body’s naturally secreted hormones to start up the necessary processes.

Usually, Taytulla prevents a woman from becoming pregnant by inhibiting sperm and ovum cell fertilization. The hormones will prevent the ovary from releasing an egg through the ovulation process. Since any sperm cells that access the womb will lack an egg cell to fertilize, pregnancy will not occur.

Additionally, when a woman has ovulated, the womb prepares for any possible fertilization by thickening the uterine walls. The thickness arises from increased blood supply on the walls to support a fertilized zygote, if any. Therefore, the Taytulla pill further prevents pregnancy by causing thinner walls on the uterine cavity, meaning that even if the woman had released an egg cell that underwent fertilization, it would be unable to fuse and grow into a pregnancy.

On top of this, Taytulla should also rescue pregnancy risks by thickening the mucous lining on the woman’s cervix to make it harder for the sperm cells to penetrate the womb. Thus,  thicker cervical mucous lining prevents pregnancy from the onset, though differences in thickness vary in different women.

The Taytulla design comprises twenty-four pills in one compact packet that you will have to take for each day of your menstrual cycle. Your gynecologist will provide guidelines on how to take the drugs for maximum effectiveness of the contraceptives, to promote higher chances of protection against pregnancy.

The layout of Taytulla pills on the pack includes rows on the medication with dates indicated on each tablet. Once you begin the plan, you should take one pill each day, at a convenient time that you will maintain throughout the cycle. The need for discipline and proper timing is crucial when taking the medications, as missing even one day of dosage can expose you to pregnancy.

On top of the hormonal pills present in the Taytulla package, you will receive four inactive or placebo pills that you should take during your menstrual cycle, as they do not contain the combined hormones. It is necessary to note that the placebo pills are ineffective in preventing pregnancy and are only available to help you keep track of your medication intake. The primary role of the placebo pills is to:

Provide an Iron Supplement

The inactive pills include Ferrous fumarate, an iron supplement that is beneficial to women who are at a higher risk of suffering from anemia, especially during the menstrual days of their cycles. Thus, the pills are a recommended source of iron supplements you may opt to take during your period.

Help to Maintain your Routine Pill Intake

Additionally, the pills are essential in helping you maintain your medication schedule even when on your period. A slight break in routine may throw you off for most people and cause you to forget your prescription’s timely resumption.

These slip-ups are risky when taking hormonal birth control pills, as they affect your body cycle and expose you to possibilities of getting pregnant. Therefore, when you have inactive pills to uphold a continuous schedule, you stay alert to your plan, on top of benefitting from the supplementary iron intake.

The Reported Defects in Taytulla Hormonal Pills

Allergon, the manufacturing company responsible for producing Taytulla birth control pills, has faced multiple civil suits from aggrieved product consumers who became pregnant unexpectedly while on the pill. The company had to deal with the lawsuits and explain the source of defective manufacturing and packaging that caused the numerous civil claims. Upon investigations, reports emerged, stating that the company had wrongly packaged approximately one hundred and seventy thousand Taytulla drugs.

The wrongful packaging involved placing the inactive or placebo pills meant to act as iron supplements at the beginning of the cycle instead of at the end. As a result, women who consumed the wrongfully packaged medication were exposed to unplanned pregnancies because they had not taken the combined pills as expected.

Usually, the gynecologist issuing Taytulla will advise you to use alternative contraception methods like condoms and spermicides before the combined hormonal pills take effect and synchronize with your body’s natural cycle. However, you also have the option of starting your Taytulla dosage on the first day of your period, as your body does not require the waiting period for Taytulla to synchronize with the cycle.

Consequently, women who started on Taytulla on their periods and were not on any other form of birth control faced higher chances of pregnancy, with most of them becoming pregnant within months of initial use.

Although the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ordered a recall of most Taytulla drugs already in the market with insufficient packaging, a significant number of women had already suffered from the medication’s defects, meaning that the unplanned pregnancy brought about complications in their lives.

Additional Side Effects from Using Taytulla

Apart from the cases of unplanned pregnancies from improper packaging of Taytulla, many consumers have reported experiencing severe medical complications that only arose after using the medication. While hormonal birth control pills are bound to interfere with your body's normal functioning, they should not cause extreme side effects that compromise your overall immunity. Some severe side effects that occur after using Taytulla include:

Increased Blood Pressure

If you begin taking hormonal birth control pills without adequate medical checks and history assessment, you may become prone to high blood pressure conditions. However, suppose your medical history does not reveal any underlying conditions linked to high blood pressure. In that case, they may occur because of the increased hormonal supply in your blood that causes vein and artery constrictions.

Yeast Infections (Vaginal)

As your reproductive system adapts to new chemical components, the natural yeast culture that protects your vagina from bacterial infections may experience imbalances. Consequently, you could suffer from a vaginal yeast infection that often becomes a stubborn condition to eradicate. However, you can manage the symptoms by consulting your gynecologist.

Blood Clots

Sometimes, you may also become prone to blood clots from the variation of hormonal supply in the body and other factors like drastic changes in blood supply to the uterine walls. In adverse cases, the condition makes you prone to heart attacks and deep vein thrombosis. Hence, it is necessary to visit a medical facility if any unusual body changes after using Taytulla.

Severe Depression

Hormonal imbalance may also affect the brain’s chemical combinations that could increase the risks of depression. Often, symptoms of depression may fluctuate, lasting for days or weeks at a time. However, some experience depression throughout and may only feel better after getting off the medication.

Seeking Justice After Suffering from Taytulla Defects

Therefore, filing a civil suit becomes essential for you, especially if you face adverse effects from the drug’s defects. Upon deciding to undertake a civil suit, you will have better chances of securing a favorable case outcome by joining a mass tort suit that includes other afflicted consumers. The court trial system is elaborate enough to afford each plaintiff the chance to present individual claims and evidence.

Despite this, the mass tort suit adopts a broader approach to handling the grievances to promote justice for the affected people ultimately. Moreover, you will have a chance to interact and learn from other aggrieved parties presenting similar facts in their defective goods claims, as the effects vary from one individual to the other.

Gathering additional information from other mass tort suit members also builds bonds beyond the case period to help you find a support group for people dealing with similar consequences of the defects found in Taytulla. For example, if you are a young adult who became pregnant earlier than expected, you get to interact with others in the same position for a better outlook on the following aspects of your life.

Additionally, your mass tort case will receive adequate attention from the court handling the matter, primarily because a large number of plaintiffs require expeditious granting of rights. As a result, your product liability lawyer can quickly partner with other attorneys to push for timely actions that eradicate the problems of court delays that plaintiffs often experience in individual court cases.

Despite the advantageous approach of joining a mass tort civil suit, you also need to learn of the various requirements that the court expects of each plaintiff. This way, you will prepare yourself adequately and avoid the inconveniences that come with a lack of legal standing that often leads to case dismissal.

The most crucial element to satisfy is establishing that your case’s facts are similar to all other plaintiffs in the mass tort suit. Your lawyer will help you secure the case’s components by meeting with other parties and their attorneys to go over different case facts. Essentially, the underlying issue should be your experience of getting an unplanned pregnancy while taking Taytulla.

Alternatively, suppose you experienced rare and severe side effects of the drug, including deep vein thrombosis from blood clots. In that case, you can also meet up with other claimants to go over the similarities or disparities of case facts and elements. Eventually, your matter should entail a product defect with Taytulla that affects all mass tort lawsuit members.

You also need to ascertain that you are the main afflicted party in your claim, in that the main mass tort suit links to your case facts. Therefore, your attorney will disclose the eligibility criteria for the lawsuit against Taytulla beforehand as a point of reference.

As a result, you should provide all relevant details to your lawyer before applying for a mass tort certification, as he/she will have a chance to establish that you meet all the necessary case elements as the mass tort directives stipulate. The process of obtaining the certification to join a mass tort requires proper planning because the failure to meet requirements may bar you from entering the suit for a long time.

Your lawyer should also help you gather all relevant evidence that will support your claims during the trial. Like any other court proceedings, the judge will only make a definitive decision upon the reception of persuasive evidence that shows your grievances after using Taytulla.

Since civil cases place the burden of proof on the plaintiff, you will be subject to high standards of evidence that demand convincing information before the judge can issue a decision. Hence, it is advisable to partner with a reliable defective product team that works efficiently to source testimonies from witnesses and other essential parties to your case.

Your statements as the aggrieved party in the suit are also crucial, as they convey first-hand evidence on the defects of Taytulla and the outcomes you have had to handle. Supporting your claims with medical results that confirm your pregnancy will also be beneficial if your claim dwells on the subject matter.

On the other hand, if you intend to present claims based on severe medical side effects you may have experienced, including medical reports and prescription forms. They will provide corroborative evidence that imposes liability on Allergon, the manufacturing company responsible for Taytulla production.

Typically, mass torts for defective medical products impose strict liability on the manufacturers, based on the fault that caused the afflicted parties’ consequences. In strict liability, the defendant may face liability even where the matter does not involve deliberate and malicious undertakings.

Additionally, the plaintiff does not need to prove that elements of a tort existed in the claim, provided the judge can assess damages linked to the defectiveness of the product. Hence, in this case, strict product liability may arise from the manufacturing company’s negligence in failing to confirm that the Taytulla pills were in proper packaging.

Claims to Include When Seeking Rightful Compensation in a Mass Tort Suit

In your attorney, among other defective product lawyers acting for plaintiffs in the legal suit succeed, you will have a chance to seek rightful compensation for your damages. When preparing your legal documents, you want to include all possible negligence claims related to your case, as you have a legal right to recover from the defective product. This way, you can secure the financial obligations that Taytulla causes. Some claims to include in your mass tort suit will help you recover for:

Expenses for the Unexpected Pregnancy

If you faced an unplanned pregnancy after using Taytulla as your birth control contraception of choice, it means that the medication failed to fulfill its primary role. Consequently, you may have a valid claim in demanding compensation for the expected expenses that arise during the pregnancy term. However, you will have to provide justifications for your demands and avoid including extravagant costs like hosting baby showers, as they may form a basis for the denial of compensation.

Your lawyer will advise you to include inevitable costs, including clinic appointments with a prenatal professional. Additionally, the judge will be more receptive to demands to cover the cost of medical supplements needed during pregnancy and medical support to book a hospital for the baby’s birth.

In some cases, the judge may also accept your demands for continuous support or a lump sum from the manufacturing company to cater to the child’s needs, including educational costs and upkeep. However, these claims require accurate and rational calculations and predictions that may involve additional technicalities. Nevertheless, if you believe the claims are essential to include in the settlement, your lawyer can guide you on the best strategy to have.

Compensation for Medical Expenses

Since Taytulla has also been the source of adverse medical complications, you can also make claims for the medical costs you incurred in managing the drug’s side effects. For example, suppose you had to begin professional therapy sessions to manage severe depression due to taking Taytulla. In that case, you will have a chance to recover and receive compensation for the costs.

Other serious side effects that cause conditions like yeast infections around the vagina also require urgent medical attention. Subsequently, you may end up spending more by making unplanned out-of-pocket payments in medical centers.

While claims involving medical expenses are valid, you must back them up with proof from medical reports and notes that confirm the existence of the condition, as well as its severity. It is therefore advisable to obtain these documents beforehand to avoid delayed access to justice.

Loss of Career Opportunities

While pregnancy is something to celebrate for most people at the right time, unplanned experience may limit your exposure to educational or career opportunities. Hence, you may have to make decisions that involve giving up chances to travel, work, and study abroad, as you prepare to have a baby.

Also, some medical conditions like heart attacks caused by blood clots from prolonged use of Taytulla can limit your access to school and work opportunities. You will have to receive specialized care for some time after the incident.

While presenting the claim, you will need to provide clear proof that shows the type of opportunities you have had to forego after Taytulla defects caused unplanned pregnancy or severe medical complications. For example, you can provide a scholarship revocation letter from an institution of higher learning that dropped you because of the circumstance change.

Contact a Product Defect Legal Expert Near Me

When birth control medication fails to deliver the expected protection from unplanned pregnancy, you will have a lot to lose. Moreover, the financial and social burden may become overwhelming, especially if you are younger and unemployed. Subsequently, it is necessary to seek compensation from Taytulla manufacturers to support you as you handle the emerging responsibilities.

Additionally, you also have a legal claim to seek compensation for the medical harm you face after suffering from the drug’s severe side effects. While the right avenues of seeking compensation are available, you will need the help of an experienced legal team to support you throughout the mass tort court process.

We at Consumer Alert Now dedicate our services to all aggrieved clients throughout the country to seek rightful compensation for defective products. Our years of experience in handling mass tort and class action lawsuits give you access to reliable partners who put your needs first. If you need legal support in joining a mass tort suit against Taytulla, call us today at 800-511-0747.