While medicinal drugs are supposed to cure illnesses and relieve pain, sometimes they cause adverse effects and endanger lives. Therefore, it is essential that you are aware of the harmful effects of drugs before purchasing them, and your legal options if you are injured by the drug. At Consumer Alert Now, we commit ourselves to provide you with information on dangerous medications, their side effects, and the ways in which you can take legal action. Below is all the information concerning the Prilosec drug.

What is Prilosec?

The generic name for Prilosec is omeprazole. It is a medical drug manufactured by a British Drug Company called AstraZeneca. The drug is used to treat stomach and esophagus problems.

Prilosec falls under the class of Proton Pump Inhibitors. These inhibitors relieve symptoms by reducing acid production in the stomach. Additionally, the drugs are used to treat ulcers, acid reflux, or any other related problems.

Prilosec can be taken through prescription by a medical professional or purchasing over the counter. However, it is essential to take the drug with the direction of a doctor. A prescription order is necessary because the drug has adverse effects, and its continuous use could endanger your health.

The drug is available as a capsule or oral suspension. Therefore, a consumer may take the medication in either form, depending on what is available in the health center.

Medical Conditions Treated by Prilosec

Prilosec treats almost all stomach conditions that are related to acid. Whether the acid affects the stomach itself or the digestive parts that connect it, Prilosec will help relieve the pain and symptoms. The medical conditions that Prilosec treats are covered below.


Acid reflux causeHeartburns. Acid reflux is a medical condition that involves the contents and acids of the stomach being forced back into the esophagus. The esophagus is the tube that connects the mouth to the stomach. Forcing back food, in turn, causes a sensation of burning and some pain in the chest. Heartburn will cause discomfort to the patient forcing him/her to consult a doctor or buy drugs over the counter. Prilosec is suitable for this condition.

GERD disease

GERD is short for Gastroesophageal reflux disease. It is a more severe form of acid reflux. It refers to a medical condition in which the bile or stomach acid irritates the lining of the food pipe. Since the disease is an advanced form of acid reflux, patients with this condition will most likely experience intense heartburn until they receive treatment for the disease.

Erosive esophagitis

Prilosec is also used to treat erosive esophagitis. It refers to a medical condition in which the lining of the esophagus happens to be inflamed, irritated, or swollen. Patients with this condition are more likely to experience discomfort while swallowing. The condition is common among most people. This is because the lining of the esophagus is too vulnerable, hence making it susceptible to damage or irritation.

Stomach Infections caused by the bacterium Helicobacter Pylori

The Helicobacter Pylori bacteria typically cause peptic ulcers. However, having the bacteria does not necessarily mean that one has peptic sores. This is because one can have bacteria alone and not suffer from peptic ulcers.

Also, some people may live with the bacteria for a lifetime without even realizing it because they do not display any symptoms. However, this is not the case with peptic ulcers. For a patient suffering from this condition, the symptoms will be present and will be more defined. Peptic ulcers should not be left untreated as it may worsen and lead to more severe stomach conditions, e.g., cancer.

How Does Prilosec Work?

Prilosec falls under the class of Proton Pump Inhibitors. This class of drugs is designed to be taken by mouth to reduce stomach acid production.

Prilosec regulates acid in the stomach by turning off the glands that pump acid into the stomach. The regulation will prevent the release of hydrochloric acid in the stomach and will, in turn, help control the symptoms that are related to acid reflux. Similarly, taking Prilosec helps reduce the inflammation of the esophagus lining by acid.

The dosage of Prilosec depends on the medical condition that it is intended to treat. This means that the dosage will be different for all diseases. The amount of acid that needs to be regulated depends on your conditions.

Side Effects of Prilosec

As mentioned earlier, Prilosec falls under the category of dangerous drugs. This means that the adverse effects of consuming the drug outweigh the benefits of taking it. Consuming Prilosec endangers the life of patients by either causing irreversible side effects or causing heart attacks that may result in death.

The following are side effects of using Prilosec:

  • Dizziness
  • Abdominal pains
  • Coughs
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Back pain
  • Constipation
  • Headaches
  • Liver damage
  • Hair loss

This drug also associates itself with more severe and adverse side effects. They include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Kidney chronic disease and kidney failure

Most patients who have consumed this drug have complained of kidney disease. A study conducted before reveals that Prilosec increases the likelihood of getting a kidney disease by 50%.

However, the length that a patient consumes the drug matters. This means that the number of times you take Prilosec determines your likelihood of getting a kidney disease. Thus, it is advisable to take the drug for shorter periods.

  • Swelling of the intestines

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) issued a warning in 2012, requiring Prilosec manufacturers to indicate the increased intestinal risk factors in their labeling. The drug company changed the labeling; particularly in the section for the elderly. The company also stated drug interactions and how long patients should use Prilosec.

  • Bone fractures

A medical journal in 2006 reported that Prilosec increases the likelihood of bone fracture, particularly in older people. In 2010, the FDA issued a consumer warning requiring the company to indicate the increased bone fracture risk in their labeling.

  • Heart attacks

A study undertaken in 2015 indicated that Prilosec and other PPIs increase the chances of people getting heart attacks. The chances of patients who consume Prilosec getting a heart attack are about 21% higher than for people who do not take the drug.

  • Acid rebound

A study conducted in 2009 reveals that Prilosec causes dependency. The research findings indicated that the glands of Prilosec users could not function normally without it. Once patients discontinued the use of the drug, the organs suddenly began to process too much acid, hence leading to acid reflux.

  • Magnesium deficiency

Prilosec intake causes a deficiency of magnesium in the blood. When this happens, the patient may have muscle spasms, irregular heartbeat, and seizures. However, this side effect is most familiar with patients who have used the drug for over a year. If left untreated, irregular heartbeats could cause cardiovascular problems.

If you or your loved ones have been using the Prilosec drug and are facing the above side effects, you can apply for a mass tort case against the manufacturer. The suit will ensure you get the justice you deserve and that you receive compensation. At Consumer Alert now, we have a legal team of Defective drug attorneys who will take you through the process of mass tort application.

Understanding Mass Torts

Mass tort litigation is a civil action that involves many plaintiffs against one or several corporate defendants. The plaintiffs create Mass torts when they suffer injuries or adverse effects following the consumption of a product.

When a drug company manufactures drugs that cause adverse effects, the people affected may choose to come together to file a single mass tort suit against the company. This makes it easier to battle out the case in court because the group of people will have their lawyers working together to ensure that the company compensates them.

With Mass Tort Litigations, the court assigns only one judge to all the cases relating to the defection of the drug. The judge will group similar cases based on the information provided by the lawyer of each case. Since drug companies deal with a large group of people, the side effects are likely to be different for different groups. Also, the court will combine all information arising from investigations and evidence and use it to come up with a verdict.

However, it is essential to note that the compensation and settlement of the cases will be different. Compensation is different because the drug caused various side effects to each of the plaintiffs. Similarly, the extent of damage was different for every person.

Cases against big companies can be very complicated and extremely exhausting. This is because the companies have all the resources needed to battle out claims in court. This means that it is essential for the plaintiffs to hire a competent legal team to represent them. At Consumer Alert Now, we have the best team defective drug attorneys who will work to ensure that you get the best settlement possible.

Mass Torts Against Prilosec

There have been many lawsuits against the manufacturer of Prilosec. People have filed suits because the drug causes adverse side effects that the company did not caution consumers against in the instruction manual.

The lawsuits against this drug began to heat up in 2016 following a publication on the American Medical Association journal. The study revealed that there was a direct connection between Proton Pump Inhibitors and kidney diseases. It also reflected that patients who have used PPIs before were at the highest risk of contracting chronic Kidney Diseases.

Since kidney diseases are severe and have caused many deaths, Prilosec manufacturers are facing intense court battles as people are demanding compensation. Treating a kidney disease is expensive, time-consuming, and painful. The patients suffering from kidney diseases as a result of Prilosec intake want the manufacturer investigated for them so that they can receive compensation.

The argument in most of these suits is that the drug company should have informed doctors and patients about the likely adverse effects of the drug. The primary concern of the case is whether the Prilosec manufacturer intentionally failed to notify people of the dangers of the drugs to maintain their profits.

While some of the plaintiffs have received compensation, there are still many suits in the courts against this drug. Most cases are still in the early stages and are yet to reach the compensation stage.

There have been no recalls of the drug related to kidney damage. Recalls take years because it takes time to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a drug is defective and is causing some significant adverse side effects. A recall is an action taken by a company to remove a drug from the market because it is defective. The recall of Prilosec could take years because the cases against the drug companies are still in the early stages.

Mass Tort Process

Mass Tort claims follow a specific type of process. The process is a bit longer compared to a common lawsuit because it involves many people. The following are the stages of a mass tort claim:

  • Record review

For any law firm to take up your mass tort claim, they will have to review all the records related to your case. Most law firms examine the medical records of the victims to identify the specific drug or device that the mass tort case plaintiff wants to join. Similarly, all law firms have to assess the injuries that the plaintiff insists were caused by the drug defection.

  • Evaluation of injury consistency

In mass tort claims, attorneys check for the similarities in the afflictions of the plaintiffs who consumed the drug. These similarities are what attorneys will represent in court as evidence against the drug company. Also, lawyers assess costs incurred because of the injury to understand what the clients are seeking compensation for.

  • Court filing

In a typical mass tort claim, the attorneys will then forward and file all documents relating to the case in the court. This involves the filing of the victim's statement, medical records, and costs and expenses incurred while treating the side effects caused. This filing is done in line with the standard court processes to enable the court to have a general overview of what the cases entail.

  • Bellwether trials

Following the filing of the records, a mock trial will take place. The process involves carrying out a pre-trial before the actual case begins. This is to enable both sides of the case to decide whether proceeding to trial is appropriate or settling is best. Since this is just a pre-trial, only a sample of the claims will go through the process of reviewing. However, the legal team should ensure that they present all injuries in the mass tort.

  • Settlement

This stage will only take place if the legal team chooses to settle instead of going to court. The negotiations of the amount to be paid will be between the attorneys of both sides. Here, the plaintiffs will present the amount they are claiming they want as compensation, and the defendant will assess whether they can pay the amount. If the two do not agree, the case will have to proceed to court.

  • Court trial

The process involves the presentation of both sides of the case, i.e., the plaintiffs' accusations and the defendant's defense to the jury. This helps the court to come up with a verdict that is suitable for the cases. Both sides present their arguments and evidence. The court will, in most cases, choose to try sample cases of the broader cases filled. This helps save time and resources.

Mass torts take time to process and settle. This is because the cases deal with different plaintiffs, each with unique case circumstances. It also takes time to investigate and gather each person’s case. It is therefore essential for the entire mass tort attorneys involved in the case to work together and share their findings. This helps reduce the timeline of mass tort claims.

Merits of Mass Torts

With mass tort cases, you will have the benefit of enjoying all the collective works of all the lawyers. The lawyers help narrow down issues and deal with every issue single-handedly. Thus, you are assured that you have the best legal team representing you.

Mass torts also help to cut down on costs. This is because, unlike with lawsuits, all the complainants get to share some costs. The expenses that may be shared are the hiring of investigators and filing for hearings.

Mass torts are also preferred compared to other lawsuits because compensations are different for every person. In as much as there is cost-sharing and attorneys are working together, the amount of settlement you receive depends on what your lawyer negotiated. Your lawyer will present the charges that the drug defects incurred so that the settlement cost can be calculated.

Joining a Mass tort Case

When a product harms a large group of individuals, these groups of people may come together to file a mass tort case against the company. The case is intended to pursue financial recovery of the resources that were lost because of the drug defect.

When you want to join a mass tort case, you will have to hire an attorney to represent you in the mass tort case. Alternatively, you could contact the lawyers already assigned to the case.

The legal team will then assess your case to determine how your case relates to the mass tort claim. They will schedule an interview with you to request you to explain your connection to the situation at hand. The legal team has to ascertain that the injury claims you are making are valid and are relevant to the case.

The records that you have will form the basis of your evaluation. The lawyers will look at your medical records and other related statements. This is to ensure that what you are claiming is true. After verifying that your claim is relevant, the attorneys will then add you to their list of witnesses or complainants.

Remember that you can only make a mass tort claim if there are others who have a similar situation to yours. This means that if there is no existing mass tort, you will have to file a lawsuit instead. Additionally, to qualify to join a mass tort, your injuries must be similar to those of other victims, and you must have tangible evidence to support this.

Mass Tort Settlement

It is a requirement by both the federal and state law that victims of dangerous drugs recover their financial loses. When one files for a mass tort case, they do this to ensure that they are compensated for going through the trauma of the dangerous drug’s side effects. According to the law, victims have a right to claim the following:

  • Current bills
  • Future bills that will be incurred in treating defects
  • The work time lost that relates to the injury
  • The pain and suffering of the victim filing the case
  • Mental and emotional torture experienced
  • Any disability that may have resulted from the drug defect

If you register for a mass tort claim, you have the right to the above benefits. The manufacturing company has to ensure that they settle with you. The ability of your lawyer to negotiate on your behalf goes a long way in determining the amount of money that you will be compensated. Therefore, it is essential to hire an attorney who is conversant with defective and dangerous drugs legal actions.

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Prilosec is known to cause serious adverse effects and damages to the body. Some of these side effects are chronic kidney disease and failure, heart attack, magnesium deficiency, bone fractures, and swelling of the intestines. Consumer Alert Now advises you to join a mass tort and recover your compensation benefits if you have these side effects. Please call us today at 800-511-0747 for more information. We serve clients throughout the country, offering them crucial information regarding dangerous drugs in the market and seeking justice through mass torts.