After a long day at work, all you want to do is brew a cup of coffee and relax. Sometimes, pleasures bring the most unbearable pain. Keurig coffee makers have become popular in recent years in both homes and offices. However, being popular does not mean that a product is safe. Keurig coffee makers have been reported to explode and splash hot water on the users causing severe burn injuries.

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries from a defective Keurig coffee maker, you want the manufacturer to compensate you. Most defects in products result from inferior and substandard manufacturing. Therefore, you can file a claim or join other individuals with similar allegations to form a class action against the Keurig coffee maker manufacturers. At Consumer Alert Now, we offer you any information you need about the Keurig coffee makers and help you fight for the compensation you deserve.

Overview of Keurig Coffee Makers and Its Defects

Keurig is the original producer of the single-serve coffee makers and their pods. These commercial brewing machines have been in the markets since the 1990s. By the year 2005, the product had become popular in many household settings. Keurig coffee makers have become a popular device for many homes and offices, with 25% of all households owning it.

Unfortunately, many people have reported burn injuries due to Keurig coffee maker explosions. According to Keurig, many manufacturers have received over two hundred reports of hot liquid escaping from the coffee maker and causing injuries. Even though Keurig is a legend in the coffee making industry, you may run into problems.

Keurig has made continuous improvements to their products. However, some problems that have been reported by users but are not of great concern and can be easily solved:

  1. Some machines fail to turn on. It can be very annoying if you wake up ready to start your day, and the coffee machine fails to start. If you are faced with such an issue, you can try restarting the device or check if the water reservoir is seated correctly.
  2. Failure to dispense the water. With prolonged use, you may find that our Keurig coffee maker is not dispensing water as expected. Sometimes the machine only ports out a portion of the necessary water. When the coffee maker fails to dispense the water, you cannot get your cup of coffee. When you are faced with this issue, consider checking out for any clogs in your machine. You could then clean the exit thoroughly before concluding a defect.
  3. Keurig shuts off and turns on by itself. In the case where your coffee machine turns on without your help, it is not automatically defective. Sometimes the auto function may be left on accidentally. If your machine is the elite model, you can change its settings. However, if you own a mini Keurig coffee maker, the device is wired to turn off after ninety seconds of inactivity automatically. You can press the power button to start again if it stops before you are done.
  4. Water leakage. Several consumers have reported leakage of water from their Keurig coffee makers. Even though small leakages may not cause an injury, the situation can become messy. Incorrect uninstallation of the upper gasket is one of the common causes of leakage in this device. When you find that your machine is leaking, be sure to check the area surrounding the puncture needle. Sometimes an overfilled reservoir could cause leakage. Therefore, ensure not to exceed the max fill line.
  5. Coffee brewed from the Keurig machine is weak. Like the traditional ground coffee, different machines brew a different strength of the drink. The inability to produce a strong coffee may be linked to something in the machine. If you want a strong coffee, you can brew a double cup or go with the darker roast.
  6. Coffee grounds in the cup. Sometimes coffee prepared in the Keurig machine may taste grainy because your coffee maker releases the ground coffee from the K-cup. Having particles in your coffee could be unpleasant and could be a result of a dirty exit needle.

These issues that arise with the Keurig coffee makers do not cause a significant danger to its users and can be corrected by following the right instructions. However, explosions that prompted a recall were reported to cause serious burn injuries. When defects with the machine do not result from the manufacturer, they can be avoided by:

  • Regular cleaning of the reservoir. Cleaning your coffee maker is a simple task that is necessary to ensure that it is in proper working condition. The water reservoir is cleaned by removing it from the machine, filling it with warm soapy water, and rinsing it off.
  • Clean the pod holder. If you want to avoid most problems arising with your coffee machine, you need to clean your pod holder periodically. This is done to ensure that it is not holding junk and bacteria that could enter your drink and alter the taste. Also, ensure that you assemble the machine correctly after cleaning.

If you are still experiencing problems after doing everything to maintain your machine, you need to contact Keurig coffee makers manufacturers. If a defect with the coffee machine has caused you significant injuries, you are entitled to compensation for the manufacturers' injuries.

Keurig Coffee Maker Recall

After hundreds of people made reports of suffering burn injuries when brewing coffee with the Keurig machine, the manufacturers recalled over 7 million coffee makers. This recall is massive for Keurig, a company that is a household name for many Americans. No product or company is safe from recalls. Many things could go wrong during manufacture, making the resulting products to be defective. Recalls are often as a result of any of these defects:

  1. Design Defects                                                                                

Design defects are flaws that affect a whole line of products. When the product plan is defective, all products made with this plan will have similar issues. Once the design is flawed, the defects will be inevitable even when manufacturing is made correctly. When a product causes injuries due to design defects, the manufacturer is liable for this defect’s outcomes.

  1. Manufacturing Defects

Manufacturing flaws are those problems that arise from manufacturing error. A mistake that occurs during physical assembling of the product is classified under manufacturing defect. Such defects will only affect a single type of product that underwent a different manufacturing process.

  1. Inadequate Information on the Product

Failure to warn is a defect that occurs when manufacturers fail to warn consumers of their products' potential side effects. Also, a manufacturer could be held liable for injuries caused by their product if they could not notify consumers of the proper way of using the item.

Manufacturers have the responsibility to create products that meet the consumer's safety expectations. Therefore, if you or your family have suffered burn injuries from a defective Keurig coffee maker, you can fight to recover compensation and prevent something like this from happening to other people.

In December 2014, the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the recall of over 7 million Keurig coffee maker machines. The recall is that the devices tend to overheat water during brewing and exploding, spraying hot water to the users. There are several reasons why a K-cup could explode and cause injuries:

  • The air in the K-cup. Too much air is a common cause of exploding Keurig coffee makers. This problem arises when the manufacturer adds too much air to the k-cup. When the Keurig needle punctures the excessively filled k-cup, the system blows and spills hot water on the user. You can detect an overfilled k-cup by checking the lid and releasing excess air before brewing your coffee. 
  • A weak seal on the K-cup could cause an explosion. There are several ways through which you can detect a weak seal on your coffee maker. Should you suspect that a broken or weak seal caused an explosion to your coffee machine, you could file a compensation claim against the manufacturers.
  • A clogged needle. A Keurig coffee brewer has two needles to puncture the top and bottom of the machine. A coffee grain could be stuck in one of the needles and causing clogging. You can clean the needles and flush the machine with water to remove any stuck particles.
  • High altitude. Pressure buildup in your K-cup could cause an explosion. Releasing excessive pressure before making yourself a cup of coffee could help avoid explosions and possible burn injuries.

Keurig is a coffee brewing company based in Massachusetts and has recalled its product. The recall affects the K10 MINI Plus Brewing Systems. If you are using a Keurig machine, you can check the device's bottom for a serial number beginning with 31, which is the affected batch.

Since Keurig insisted that their recall is voluntary, whether or not they were negligent is unclear. The company has been in the market since 2009. Therefore, the CPSC is investigating to determine if they knew of the defects in their product. If it is proven that they failed to warn consumers of possible problems with their coffee machine, they can bear significant liability.

Keurig manufacturers claim that the machine will only have the possibility of exploding when one prepares two or more drinks in succession. However, admitting to their shortcomings will not absorb the company from responsibility, and injured consumers are entitled to compensation.

The company has already received 90 burn-related injury reports. Therefore, the threat is legitimate, and if you have the machine, you need to contact the manufacturers for a repair or replacement. Failure to do this may increase your risk of suffering burn injuries, which is the worst outcome that results from the product defect.

Lawsuits against Keurig Coffee Maker Manufacturers

A woman from Georgia filed a lawsuit against Keurig Inc in Georgia federal court claiming that her daughter was burnt by hot water from an exploding machine. The woman claimed that even though Keurig warned consumers not to open the coffee maker while it is brewing, there is no warning of possible spraying of hot water. When her coffee maker exploded, hot water was sprayed over the counter, and her child, who suffered significant burn injuries to the chest, face, and neck.

The victim argued that the warnings on the coffee machine were misleading. The woman who filed the lawsuit was seeking compensation to cover medical expenses for her daughter and compensation for mental and emotional suffering they underwent during her recovery period.

In October 2016, a man from Louisiana sued Keurig after suffering burns from the recalled MINI coffee maker. According to the lawsuit, the coffee machine suddenly released water and steam that burned him. The man filed the case in the hope of recovering $550,000 to cover his medical bills, lost income, and the suffering caused by the burns. 

Even after numerous reports on the injuries, Keurig assured the consumers that they could continue using the machine. However, one should avoid preparing two cups in quick succession. If you or someone you know had been burned, you could contact a lawyer to make sure you have a lawsuit. Also, you can research available class action lawsuits about the product and join.

Burn Injuries by Defective Keurig Coffee Maker

Before Keurig announced their recall, at least 90 reports of serious injuries were reported from exploding coffee brewing machines. When a hot liquid spills on your skin, you could suffer a scald. Burn injuries could be excruciating and characterized by reddening or peeling the skin, blisters, and swelling. Burn injuries are assessed by the extent of skin damage that occurs.

There are four categories of burn injuries which manifest with different symptoms on your body:

  • Superficial burn. When a burn injury damages your skin's outer layer, which is the epidermis, the burn is considered shallow. This type of burn is characterized by changing your skin color to red swelling and slight pain. A superficial burn can be treated by pouring cold water on the affected area. However, if this does not relieve your symptoms, medical attention is necessary.
  • Superficial Dermal burn. The dermis is the second layer of your skin that contains blood vessels, hair follicles, and nerves. This burn damages both the two top layers of your skin. Such a burn could manifest with small blisters, swelling, and pain.
  • Deep dermal burn. When the temperatures are too high, your dermis and epidermis may be destroyed. Your skin may become dry and red. Severe pain accompanies a deep dermal burn, and immediate medical attention is crucial.
  • Full-thickness burn. When a burn damages all your skin layers and tissues below, the body could appear darkened or brown with no blisters. The skin texture also changes texture. A full-thickness burn could be excruciating and will take a while to recover.

Suffering burn injuries could be devastating, especially when it is from something that could be avoided. Depending on the severity of the injuries, a victim may spend a significant amount of time in the hospital. The prolonged stay in hospitals results in the accumulation of medical bills and other financial losses. Negligence from manufacturers is a common cause of product defects. Therefore, you can sue for compensation from Keurig Inc.

Compensation for Burn Injuries from Keurig Coffee Maker Explosion

Dangerous and defective products are a cause of many injuries in the United States every year. The product liability law aims at holding manufacturers accountable for product defects. This makes it easy for victims of these defects to recover compensation for their injuries and losses. Liability for a defective product could lie with a party in the production and marketing team.

While substandard production caused defects in the Keurig coffee makers, failure to warn consumers of the machine's possible risks caused significant injuries. Burn injuries from the exploding coffee brewer affect the lives of the victims. Burns cause severe pain immediately after the injury and during the healing process. A successful personal injury claim or class action could see you recover compensation for:

  1. Medical bills. Severe burns may take a long time to recover. This translates to prolonged hospital stays and hefty medical bills. When you win the lawsuit, you may be compensated for the medical expenses you incur when treating the burn wounds.
  2. Lost earnings. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you could be out of work for some time. This could deny you the financial earnings you could be making at the time. When filing a lawsuit for defective products, you can recover the lost wages. Some injuries could leave you with a permanent disability and affect your ability to earn a living in the future. Even though the loss has not yet occurred, it is eligible for compensation.
  3. Pain and suffering. Immense pain is associated with burn injuries. You could also suffer emotional trauma due to long periods of hospital stays and numerous procedures you may have to undergo. Even though pain and suffering cannot be quantified, you can get compensation.
  4. Loss of life enjoyment. Burn injuries are likely to leave huge scars on your body. Some parts of the body may not return to normal even after plastic surgery and skin grafts. The face, neck, and chest is the most affected area by exploding coffee makers. The presence of scars could affect your self-esteem and ability to enjoy life.

Filing a claim against a big company such as Keurig Inc. could be complicated. Therefore, expert guidance is crucial.

Joining a Class Action for a Defective Keurig Coffee Brewing Machine

Most defective products affect a diverse group of people. Instead of filing personal lawsuits, some individuals decide to make a single case against the manufacturers. If you have been burnt by hot water from an exploding Keurig coffee machine, you are not alone. Several class actions have been filed against the manufacturers, alleging a failure to warn consumers of the product's potential risks. A class action is a joint lawsuit filed by individuals who have suffered injuries or losses from a similar product.

Even though you can file a personal injury claim, filing a class action allows you to recover compensation for injuries that could be difficult to pursue alone. This is because you join forces with other victims to form a single claim. One plaintiff is chosen to be a representative of the rest. Therefore, you do not need to participate in the lawsuit for you to recover compensation actively.

When you join a class action, you spend less on legal fees since the costs are shared among all class members. Also, the proceeds of a successful claim are shared equally among the members of the class. Before you join a class action, you need to consult experts on the right lawsuit. It would help if you also researched more on the class to ensure it covers your needs. You need to ensure that other members of the class have similar interests to yours. If you think that your injuries are more severe than what other plaintiffs are claiming, you could opt-out of the class action and file a personal claim.

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Keurig, the coffee brewing company, has become a household name for many Americans. Sadly, hundreds of people have reported being burned by their Keurig machines as they watched their coffee brew. Keurig manufacturers have recalled over 7 million of its brewing systems as a result of the explosions. If you have suffered burn injuries from the Keurig coffee maker, you may have grounds to file a product liability against the manufacturer.

Since many individuals have suffered a similar injury, you can join them to file a class action against the parties liable for the defect and your damages. If you are hoping to file a lawsuit successfully, expert guidance is crucial. At Consumer Alert Now, we are available the help you file a claim. Contact us today at 800-511-0747.