If you or your loved ones are under ThermaCare wraps medication, you need to adhere to the drug's prescription to avoid serious health risks. Using ThermaCare wraps is essential for relieving body pains like back and neck pains or menstrual cramps. However, the wraps have the potential of leaking ingredients contained in the heat cell wrap. Using a malfunctional ThermaCare Wrap may cause skin damage or injuries like irritation and burns.

Currently, most ThermaCare consumers have raised complaints concerning several types of ThermaCare products. However, the mass tort has led to smooth progress against the manufacturing companies providing rightful compensations for the plaintiffs. At Consumer Alert Now, we offer legal services to clients affected by defective ThermaCare products. Our services are nationwide. Contact us for guidance on how to join a mass tort against ThermaCare manufacturers.

What are ThermaCare Heat Wraps?

ThermaCare heat wraps are pain relieving air-activated heating pads used in multi-purpose muscle pain therapy. Additionally, the awesome product gives an alternative form of fighting joint pain and soothing sore muscles without swallowing pain killers. The manufacturers included two adhesive tapes on either side, which provide the heat wraps support. You can wear the wraps in various body parts, including the lower back, knee, etc. Furthermore, the model offers deep penetrating heat helping you deal with pain for a long time.

ThermaCare heat products are known for using patented heat technology to produce real heat that helps rebuild the damaged/injured tissues, thus accelerating heat. Additionally, the drugs are portable, facilitating easy use when you are relaxing at home.

The product is a revolutionary technology eradicating pain using heat therapy. The heat wrap is available over the counter, and it doesn't require any prescription. It relieves muscle cramps and promotes tightness without swallowing any medication.

However, you should be careful while using the product since it may result in severe burns. Additionally, overlapping the heating cells might result in overheating. People above 55 and children are at higher risk of experiencing burns.

How a ThermaCare Heat Wrap Functions

ThermaCare patented heat cell technology combines salt, oxygen, iron, and water in single-use heat wraps. The product produces real heat to stimulate healing where required. Notably, the model works by allowing heat penetration into damaged tissues, increasing blood flow while accelerating the process of natural healing. ThermaCare heat wrap relieves pain by using the right side of pain. Additionally, it helps in your muscle relaxation while increasing blood flow in the affected area.

What are Heat Cells?

Heat cells constitute a mixture of ingredients that react with air providing low-level heat. ThermaCare patented heat cell technology combines oxygen, iron salt, water in a single-use heat wrap. A chemical reaction, commonly known as iron oxidation, occurs naturally in the environment.

Uses of ThermaCare Wraps

ThermaCare heat wraps use heat therapy to ease minor muscular pains, aches in the joints, and other pain associated with joint conditions, including cuts, scrapes, menstrual cramps, and punctured skin arthritis overexertion, etc. When involved in minor injuries, heat wraps are applicable in receiving the pains. Additionally, they also penetrate the damaged tissues, increasing blood flow to accelerate the healing process. Notably, heat wrap has varied applications according to the body part involved. Common uses of the heat wrap include:

  • Relieving Muscle Pain

Muscle pains may result from stress, tension, and minor injuries. Muscle pain is mostly localized, affecting a small body part or a few muscles. Muscle aches could be either mild or severe, depending on the cause, but they respond correctly to home treatment. Therma care heat wrap design adheres to many body locations, giving users long-lasting pain relief wherever needed. Notably, you should apply single-use heat wraps to sore muscles to power your day with long-lasting comfort. For joints, use the single-use wrap to painful joints to receive continuous pain relief.

Additionally, ThermaCare muscle pain therapy is responsible for providing heat therapy for temporary relief of the minor pains and muscle aches associated with strains, overexertion, arthritis, and sprains

  • Relieving Knee Pain

Knee pain mostly occurs in the Physically active and older population. Commonly, heat is always used for the reduction of pain. ThermaCare heat wrap comes with the added flexibility that stays securely in place. Additionally, the great wraps use patented heat cell technology to penetrate deep into the tissues relieving pain while fasting healing.

  • Back and Hip Wraps

You may experience back pains after lifting heavy materials, playing with kids, or other surprising reasons. When you experience acute back pain, heat wrap therapy could assist in reducing your pain.

The heat wraps provide relief to know vascular backaches and other pain, including arthritis, joint stretches, and strains. Additionally, the heat wraps deliver heat into the tissues, warming your muscles right where they hurt. The patented heat cells in the heat wrap go directly to the source, stopping pain while accelerating the healing process.

  • Neck to Arm Wrap

The neck is among the most flexible parts of the spine, but it is easily injured since muscles do not protect it well. Sometimes, you may wake up and find your neck stiff due to muscle tension or muscle spasm. After the neck pain, add a heating wrap to help in loosening your tight muscles.

The heat wrap comes with an improved contour shape to perfectly fit the neck, shoulder, and wrist. The heat wraps adapt perfectly to your movement staying close to your skin while providing the needed healing in your body. It also offers temporary relief for minor vascular and joint hinges. Additionally, it provides soothing heat to relax the contraction of muscles relieving menses cramps.

  • Menstrual Patch

ThermaCare wraps relieve user’s from minor menstrual pain associated with back pains. The heat wraps provide soothing heat for relaxing vascular contraction, relieving you from menstrual Cramps. Additionally, the ultra-thin design of the heat wraps controls with users' lower abdomen providing comfortability.

Should I Attach Menstrual Heat Wrap On My Skin?

You shouldn't attach menstrual heat wraps on the skin. Additionally, the menstrual heat wraps aren't designed for attaching to the skin. Therefore, you should attach the menstrual wraps on clothing for the dark side of the heat cell against your skin. Moreover, don't apply the adhesive on your skin to avoid irritation. Once you misuse the wraps, the product may fail to work correctly.

Pfizer inc is the company responsible for manufacturing and distributing various types of Therma care wraps/products. Therefore, you need to file a mass tort for defective Therma care to receive compensation for the suffered injuries.

How Long Should I Wear A ThermaCare Wrap?

To obtain better results, you need to wear a ThermaCare for eight full hours. Notably, using higher than the recommended amounts of ThermaCare increases skin burns and irritation risks. Additionally, don't use the drug for more than seven days in a row. For the menstrual heat wraps, you should not use them for more than four days. In case the pain remains or worsens during or after treatment, you need to consult a doctor to avoid more severe conditions.

Functions of ThermaCare Heat Wrap Ingredients

Heat cells constitute varied ingredients with varied functions in the wrap. Notably, the ingredients react with air providing low-level heat. Additionally, the low-level heat penetrates deeply, helping in dealing with pain for a long duration. The heat wrap ingredients include:

  • The iron in the heat wrap reacts with oxygen in the air, providing heat, a process referred to as oxidation.
  • Other ingredients, including water, assist in the iron oxidation reaction.
  • Sodium chloride fastens the reaction rate between oxygen and iron.
  • Sodium polyacrylate is responsible for controlling the water level present in the heat wrap cells
  • Sodium thiosulfate regulates the generation of hydrogen.
  • Charcoal allows the iron powder to have a surface to react to inside the heating disk.

Warnings While Using ThermaCare Heat Wrap

The products have varied safety precautions you need to observe while using ThermaCare heat wraps. For instance, do not microwave ThermaCare since it might result in fire. Notably, the product may result in skin irritations and burns. The heating disc constitutes iron, which is harmful when ingested.

Heat disc contents should never come into contact with your eyes and if it happens, then rinse your skin or eyes with water right away. Additionally, if Therma care is ingested, rinse your mouth with water and call a poison control center for assistance. Other warnings while using Therma care include you should not use the product:

  • On damaged or broken skin
  • With medical creams, lotions, and ointments.
  • On people unable to remove the product, including infants
  • With other heat forms
  • In areas of bruising or swelling occurred within 2days.
  • On-body areas where you can feel the heat.

Notably, if you have poor circulation, arthritis, rheumatoid, diabetes, you should ask a doctor before use. However, to reduce experiencing prolonged redness, wear the wrap for a short period. Additionally, put on loose clothing over the warp and wear the wrap over a thin clothing layer.

Common Effects of Defective ThermaCare Wraps

The Pfizer consumer healthcare division of Pfizer Inc initiated a call since the products have potential damage/leak ingredients constituted in the heat wrap cell. Notably, using a damaged/leaking heat cell wrap causes skin injuries, including skin irritation, burns/blisters on the area you apply the product. However, the product label may warn on using the product's usage.

Pfizer inc. is responsible for removing the defective products from the store shelves and should ask for the consumers to use the product to discontinue use, dispose of the product without opening the foil punch, and record the lot number, or contact the Pfizer consumer healthcare for reimbursement or replacement.

Notably, Pfizer Inc. should emphasize the patients' quality and safety in each stage of the product manufacturing and the supplying exercise. Additionally, the manufacturing company must ensure the distributors, retailers, and wholesalers don’t distribute the defective product to the consumers.

Compensating Injuries Caused By a Defective ThermaCare Product

If you obtain injuries because of a defective Therma care wrap, you are entitled to compensation from the manufacturing company. In a mass tort, the damages are classified into two main categories: the classifications are non-economic and economic damages. The economic damages include loss of income, medical bills, and the transport costs for attending a medical session. Alternatively, the non-economic injuries include the damages which cannot be quantified like emotional distress, loss of consortium, or pain and suffering.

The Process of Filling a Mass Tort

A mass tort is a lawsuit filed against a company manufacturing defective products that harm the consumers. Notably, the harm may include emotional distress, financial loss, physical injury, etc. The court must put into consideration some factors before giving a mass tort. Elements which the court must consider before permitting filing a mass tort are:

  • The kind and similarity of the victim's injuries
  • The total number of the involved plaintiffs
  • If the cases have a common cause
  • The plaintiff's location, whether far or near each other

After the court decides and accepts the proposed case qualifies for a mass tort, a judge will be assigned to the case. The notice might be published in the media to allow anyone harmed by the drug in joining the lawsuit.

  1. Reviewing Records By The Mass Tort Lawyer

The mass tort attorney will review various records in determining whether you have a case. Notably, they examine the plaintiff's statements and alleged injuries. Additionally, the attorney reviews the value of medical records. With mass tort litigation, the attorney will go through your past medical history. The main aim is determining whether you had a pre-existing condition before sustaining injuries from the Therma care products.

Moreover, the attorney will examine the claimants' statement and medical records in identifying the drug and the injuries sustained from the drug's consumption. The stage is crucial as it helps identify injury consistencies that assist in the mass tort litigation phase.

  1. Injury Consistency 

The attorney will investigate the similar injuries amongst the persons harmed by the drug as evidence in filing a mass tort claim. Additionally, the lawyer will categorize the claims to understand the shared features between the injured people. Therefore, the lawyers will have a good time identifying what the claimants are seeking in their compensation.

To qualify for a mass tort, your attorney must identify your injury consistency. In most cases, the plaintiffs will claim similar injuries. For instance, in ThermaCare wraps, the plaintiffs suffer burns. The mass tort attorney will need to develop a lawsuit against the defendant. Notably, every plaintiff should have their suits; however, their cases' structure should be similar. In case a few outliers don't meet the pattern of a bellwether, they won't receive compensation. Moreover, the mass tort attorney will categorize the cases according to the severity of the sustained injuries. When the case settles, the attorneys assign damages per the category.

  1. Filing Federal Lawsuit

In the US, you file a mass tort at the federal court. However, the plaintiffs may be living in different places of the country. Mass torts trial occurs in federal courts, and you need to seek help from a competent mass tort lawyer. The lawyer helps in understanding the structure and exercise of filing procedures. Under the stage, a person's cases are consolidated for speeding the process of information gathering.

  1. Bellwether Trials

Before the general case trial, the court tries a handful of cases. The trial of the small groups is known as bellwether trials. Notably, the lawyer with the mass tort chooses the more severe cases. Bellwether may include persons who passed away or people facing imminent death.

Under this stage, small groups of lawsuits are chosen from a large group with similar cases that will be tried first. The exercise serves as a test run to the juries and the judges. Additionally, the results will determine the possible effects in the future cases of the entire mass tort.

  1. Settlement of a Mass Tort Case

Settlement occurs with the common defendant and the plaintiffs entering into negotiation for settling the claims. The proposed agreement will be provided to the claimants to decide whether they will accept or proceed to the trial stage.

The settlement is the final stage of a mass tort. Most mass tort cases will settle. However, the cases may take a long period before they settle. Notably, you have an opportunity to file an appeal. Mass tort judges and lawyers will prefer the cases to settle outside the court.

How Long Will a Mass Tort Take?

Mass tort takes substantial periods for gathering evidence and investigating the case. Additionally, mass tort has unique exercises that require money and time. Factors which may cause a long period in a mass tort are:

  • Collecting and investigating the evidence. The mass tort will require substantial proof like company documentation and medical records, which may take much time to locate, collect, organize, and analyze.
  • Travel is required in a mass tort. For instance, you may travel when needed to depose witnesses or even engage in other case investigations.
  • To locate and depose expert witnesses. The attorneys may seek multiple expert witnesses, including scientists, physicians, marketers, economists, drug companies, among other case investigations.

Compensation Claim Included in the Mass Tort Lawsuit

Before the case moves to trial, your attorney should provide an overview of your compensation claim. The comprehensive overview should base on the severity of the sustained injuries. The following are requests you may include in the suit:

  1. Compensating Medical Expenses

Once you suffer burns and injuries due to a defective Therma care product, you should seek further medical attention. Additionally, you may require further treatment costs to manage your injury situations. Moreover, you will need transport costs while seeking your medication. Therefore, by joining a mass tort, you will be in a position to receive compensation for your medical expenses.

  1. Pain and Suffering

Injuries suffered might be very painful. Additionally, you may obtain psychological stress. Therefore, you are entitled to compensation through filing a mass tort against Pfizer inc. Manufacturers for selling or producing defective drugs.

  1. Compensating Lost Earning Capacity and Income

If you suffered adverse complications after applying the Therma care wraps manufactured by Pfizer inc. Your working capacity will be limited. Therefore, you should receive compensation for the lost income and earning capacity.

Benefits of Joining a Mass Tort

Filing a mass tort has numerous benefits, including:

  • The Plaintiffs Can Share the Evidence Gathered in Pre-Trial Proceedings

In a mass tort lawsuit, one lawyer or a group of lawyers represent the injured people in their suits. The resources, evidence, or information collected in pre-trial is pooled and shared amongst the plaintiffs. Additionally, mass tort will speed up the litigation exercise and ensure all the injured people receive fair compensation for their injuries.

  • The Plaintiffs Have an Opportunity of Receiving Huge Settlement Payout

Notably, in mass tort litigation, the settlement is awarded according to the person's degree of injury. Therefore, if you suffer severe injuries, you are entitled to receive a higher settlement award in compensation for your lost income, pain and suffering, and medical bills.

Contact a Mass Tort Attorney Near Me

If you or your loved one suffer injuries from Therma care wraps, the situation may be challenging. Notably, if you suffer additional complications due to a defective thermalcare wrap, you deserve compensation. Pfizer inc., a manufacturing company, should ensure high standards in manufacturing, caring, and supplying the products to maintain consumers' safety.

When seeking compensation for the harm caused to you, join a mass tort for a stress-free court process. Additionally, you should seek assistance from a competent defective product expert to pave your way for a proper litigation process. At consumer alert now, we focus on providing exquisite legal assistance for our clients facing injuries due to defective ThermaCare products across the US. With our aggressive lawyers, you will receive the compensation you deserve. Call us today at 800-511-0747 for a free case evaluation.