Mass torts are emerging as the most efficient tool for seeking compensation if you suffer from negative side effects after using a dangerous drug like Viberzi. If you wish to pursue a product liability suit against the Viberzi manufacturer, there are high chances that your case will be integrated into a mass tort. This way, the court will save resources and time, and you will be compensated much faster. Reach out to Consumer Alert Now if you want to be part of a mass tort against the manufacturer of Viberzi in the United States.

What is Viberzi?

Viberzi is a brand name that is used for marketing the drug Eluxadoline. This medicine was first used in the USA in 2015. Its origin is from Janssen Pharmaceutica, and it was developed by a well-known pharmaceutical company known as Allergan.

Viberzi is administered by mouth. Sometimes, it is also marketed as Truberzi. This drug can cause some interactions with other medications such as cyclosporine, eltrombopag, rifampin, and gemfibrozil.

What Does Viberzi Treat?

The primary reason why most consumers purchase this drug is to find a cure for their digestive tract problems. Viberzi is mainly used to treat irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

When you take this drug, it will start acting locally on your digestive tract. Viberzi can help in diarrhea prevention, and it can also alleviate any abdominal pain which is brought about by IBS. 

IBS can end up being a predominant and chronic condition, and it can cause many recurrent negative symptoms. Some of these symptoms include constipation, abdominal pain, diarrhea, bloating, and gas. Typically, this drug is utilized to relieve IBS patients who cannot respond to traditional and homemade methods of alleviating the condition.

How Does Viberzi Work?

It would be best if you only started using this drug after your doctor has given you the go-ahead. Viberzi is normally taken orally. It is packaged as a coated tablet that comes in two different sizes; 75 ml. and 100 ml.

This drug works by either impeding or activating the opioid receptors present in your digestive system. These opioid receptors are usually involved in intestinal fluids secretion, gut motility, and pain sensation. Viberzi is considered to be unique in that it can stimulate two different types of receptors at the same time and inhibit another one. This way, Viberzi will make you feel relieved without you experiencing constipation.

Unlike other IBS medications such as Lomotil and Imodium, Viberzi can affect the functioning of up to three receptors. Imodium and Lomotil can only stimulate a maximum of two receptors, and they can't inhibit any of them. If you use these medications, you will probably have some constipation problems before you get cured.

After some clinical trials, the FDA approved Allergan to start distributing and selling Viberzi to consumers in the United States. The FDA concluded that this drug could offer a reasonable improvement in stool consistency, abdominal pain, and the urgency and frequency of bowel movements.

Precautions to Take Before Using Viberzi

It will help if you outweigh the risks vs. the gains of this medicine before you start utilizing it. Make sure you consider the following before you decide to take Viberzi:

1.      Allergies

Inform your doctor about any allergic condition that you have. Maybe you react negatively to certain medicines, animals, foods, preservatives, and dyes. Please make a point of checking the ingredients used to manufacture Viberzi to gauge whether any of them will be allergic to you.

2.      Geriatric and Pediatric

Though medical research hasn’t confirmed it to be true, Viberzi may not be safe for infants and the elderly. If you are an older person, you should refrain from using this drug. Likewise, don’t allow your child who is below five years old to take this medication. Consider other alternative means to cure IBS. 

3.      Breastfeeding and Pregnant Women

Pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding are customarily advised not to take Viberzi, even if they have abdominal pain problems. This is because they can cause their children to suffer from long term side effects.

4.      Drug Interactions  

As a general rule, you should not combine Viberzi with any other drug. However, your doctor may advise you to use Viberzi with some other IBS medication to be relieved much faster. In case you take Viberzi together with other medicines, you may experience drug interactions. You should not combine Viberzi with drugs like Tipranavir, Alfentanil, Temsirolimus, Atazanavir, Tacrolimus, and Cyclosporine.

5.      Medical Problems

You may be suffering from some medical problems which may aggravate if you start using Viberzi. Talk to your doctor beforehand if you have medical conditions like addiction, a stomach blockage, liver disease, and pancreas problems.

How You Can Use Viberzi

Go through the guide that your pharmacist gives you before you take your first dose of Viberzi. Don’t ignore this guide either when you go for a refill. In case you are unsure about anything, you should contact your doctor.

You should follow a balanced diet when using this drug. Usually, Viberzi should be taken for around two times each day. However, this dosage may vary depending on the specific products you use, how you respond to treatment, and your condition.

Never attempt to increase your dosage, regardless of how bad you are feeling. Most people tend to take more drugs than what their doctor has prescribed for them, believing that they will heal faster. This belief is false. If you don’t follow the recommended dosage, you may end up developing some adverse side effects. 

You should utilize this medication frequently so that you can benefit the most from it. You can take Viberzi at the same time each day to avoid forgetting to follow the required dosage. In case you are directed to stop using the drug, you should do so immediately.

Some IBS patients may tend to combine Viberzi with other drugs such as Loperamide.  In such instances, you shouldn’t take Viberzi frequently since you may start suffering from constipation. Nevertheless, if you still develop constipation, you should stop taking the IBS medications altogether and urgently seek help from a medical practitioner.

Sometimes, Viberzi can make you addicted; especially if you already have a substance use disorder from taking too much alcohol or drugs. If you don't follow the dosage, you can quickly become a Viberzi addict!

Don't panic if you miss any dose. Just skip the missed dosage and resume your regular dosing schedule. Avoid double dosing.

You should store this medication in a cool and dry place, preferably inside a closed container. Do not expose Viberzi to direct light. Moreover, your children should not be able to access this drug, and you shouldn’t freeze it.

If you’ve used Viberzi for a specific period and your condition isn’t improving, you should speak to a doctor right away. Your doctor will help you find another alternative method to make you feel relieved. One way of making sure that the Viberzi medication is helping you out is by visiting your doctor for routine check-ups.

If you stop using this medicine, you should dispose of it properly. Never keep any Viberzi medication that has either expired or you no longer need it.

The Negative Side Effects of Viberzi

Though Viberzi can help cure patients suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, it has many adverse side effects. Recently, the FDA has categorized Viberzi as a dangerous drug since a majority of its users have complained of having harmful side effects after using the medicine. These adverse side effects took a toll on both their physical and mental health. 

Viberzi can cause stomach pain, nausea, gallbladder problems, pancreatitis, severe constipation, and Sphincter of Oddi spasm. According to Allergan – Viberzi’s manufacturer, the most common side effects of this drug include stomach pain, constipation, and nausea.

The main ingredient used to manufacture Viberzi is eluxadoline. Eluxadoline can cause you to have some euphoria feelings. Therefore, Viberzi has some abuse potential, and it can lead to addiction and drug dependence. In fact, even if you use the drug normally and as prescribed by the doctor; you will still feel drunk.

As illustrated by the Food and Drug Administration, Viberzi can cause severe adverse reactions. For instance, you may end up suffering from pancreatitis, which may require hospital admission for a long time. You should totally refrain from using this drug if you don't have a gallbladder. So far, the FDA has reported two incidences of persons who didn't have a gallbladder who had taken the drug. These people ended up dying of pancreatitis. Below is a quick rundown of the adverse side effects of Viberzi.

Constipation and Other Common Side Effects

During Viberzi’s clinical trials, it was reported that constipation was the most common adverse reaction among patients who used the drug. Viberzi’s safety information usually warns that this constipation can develop into a severe illness, and you may end up being hospitalized. Also, the safety information advises its users to avoid taking the drug if they start experiencing constipation that lasts for an extended period.

As a general rule, you shouldn’t combine Viberzi with other IBS drugs such as Opioids and Loperamide to prevent constipation; unless your doctor advises you otherwise.

In the clinical trials, 8% of people who utilized Viberzi had some constipation symptoms. These people experienced constipation within the first ninety days of using the drug. According to the label of this medication, some patients may develop intestinal obstructions, perforations, and fecal impactions, which may require urgent medical intervention. If you have a history of chronic constipation and gastrointestinal obstruction, you should not use this drug since you have a high risk of developing serious medical complications. 

7% of people who took Viberzi during the clinical trials suffered from abdominal pain and nausea. Other common side effects of this medication include the following:

  • Viral gastroenteritis
  • Infections of the upper respiratory tract like bronchitis
  • Fatigue
  • Vomiting
  • Malfunctioning of the liver
  • Common colds
  • Rash
  • Flatulence
  • Dizziness

Furthermore, Viberzi can bring about some allergic reactions. For example, you may experience specific physical symptoms like hives, difficulty in breathing, and swelling of the throat, face, tongue, and lips.

Severe Cases of Pancreatitis and Death

Immediately the FDA approved Viberzi in 2017; it received around 120 reports of severe cases of pancreatitis and death which were caused by the drug. Seventy-six of these patients became hospitalized, and two of them died. 

In the same year, the FDA made a safety announcement to warn Americans of the negative side effects of this drug. In particular, this announcement advised IBS patients who didn’t have a gallbladder to avoid using this medication. As highlighted by this U.S. federal agency, such patients have high chances of developing pancreatitis, which could lead to hospitalization for an extended period and even death.

Pancreatitis usually develops when there is an inflammation of the pancreas. When you have pancreatitis, you will feel severe pain in your upper abdomen; and this pain may extend to your back. Also, you may experience vomiting and nausea. Other symptoms of this illness include discolored and oily stools, fever, weight loss, diarrhea, and rapid pulse.

Some patients may develop pancreatitis within one week of using this drug. Others may start experiencing the physical symptoms of this sickness immediately after taking one dosage of the medication.

As per the Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics Journal, 40% of IBS patients who use Viberzi can develop pancreatitis within the first or second dosage of the medication. Typically, 20% of these patients do not have a gallbladder.

In one case reported by the FDA, the patient suffered from vomiting, abdominal pain, and nausea within sixty minutes of taking the first single dose of the Viberzi drug. This patient didn’t have a gallbladder, and he died after three days.

Risk of Suffering from Sphincter of Oddi Spasm

Apart from developing pancreatitis, some patients who took Viberzi suffered from the sphincter of Oddi spasm. As per data from the FDA, one person has already died from this condition.

The sphincter of Oddi muscle coats both the pancreatic duct and the bile duct end. It is fondly referred to as the biliary duct. The primary role of this muscle is to relax automatically when you consume any meal. By relaxing automatically, it will allow the fluids from the bile duct and the pancreatic duct to flow into the small intestine.

The disease of the sphincter of Oddi spasm usually occurs when this muscle fails to relax and contract during meal taking. If you suffer from this disease, you will experience excruciating pain since the bile juice won’t be able to flow normally. This disease can bring about pancreatitis too.

Most IBS patients can develop this disorder within seven days of utilizing the drug. In October 2018, the FDA had received around 74 reported cases of patients who developed a sphincter of Oddi spasm immediately after using the medicine. 

The safety information of this medicine instructs consumers who experience symptoms of this condition to stop using it immediately and seek urgent medical attention. People who have ever suffered from this disease before or any bile duct obstruction should not use this medication.

Mass Torts Against the Viberzi Manufacturer

You can join a Viberzi mass tort if you used the drug and suffered from some adverse side effects. Typically, Viberzi lawsuits are filed by patients who developed pancreatitis after using the medicine. Such patients usually do not have a gallbladder.

Gallbladder removal is quite common in the United States. At least 20% of Americans (more than 20 million) have removed their gall bladders. When the FDA approved Viberzi in 2015, its manufacturer launched an excellent advertising strategy that enticed many consumers to purchase the drug. According to a Viberzi TV Commercial, this drug can instantly cure IBS and other uncomfortable abdominal conditions. Due to this misleading advert, many patients suffering from irritable bowel syndrome bought the drug and started using it.

Later in 2015, the FDA issued a warning that Viberzi can cause pancreatitis, which may lead to death, especially to patients who’ve had their gallbladder removed. However, this warning came late since many people had already started using the drug. Up to now, it isn’t clear how many people were negatively affected by the Viberzi medication. 

The main argument behind a Viberzi mass tort is that Allergan – Viberzi’s manufacturer, didn’t warn members of the public about the potentially life-threatening consequences of utilizing the drug before it started marketing it. Furthermore, Allergan didn’t conduct the clinical trials properly to assess whether the Viberzi medication is completely safe.

According to the principles of tort law, the manufacturer of Viberzi owes a duty of care to the general public. This duty of care implies that Allergan should take due measures to promote and protect the health and safety of the American population. Allergan breached this duty of care by not alerting the public of the life-altering side effects of the Viberzi medication.

Therefore, IBS patients who suffered from pancreatitis, sphincter of Oddi spasm, and other potentially life-threatening illnesses are entitled to receive compensation from Allergan. This compensation should be in the form of monetary damages.

The amount of compensation which the court will award each plaintiff in a mass tort will depend on the severity of the negative side effects which you endured. You will be compensated for all the expenses you incurred in your medical treatment, loss of consortium and wages, and psychological and physical damage. The compensation amount may range from hundreds of dollars to millions, especially in instances where your loved one died from pancreatitis after using the Viberzi medication.

How Do Mass Torts Work?

Mass torts usually arise when there is a dangerous drug or defective medical device in the market, which has negatively affected many people. Unfortunately, some companies may take shortcuts while manufacturing their products, and it is consumers who end up suffering the consequences. Mass torts are usually brought against such reckless manufacturers.

Some mass torts may be well publicized, while others may not even hit the headlines. Usually, a mass tort will have several plaintiffs and a few defendants. For instance, the Viberzi mass tort can have around 10,000 plaintiffs; and just one defendant who is the manufacturer of Viberzi – Allergan.

Mass torts usually require attorneys who have sophisticated knowledge and extraordinary resources. They are very complex, and you should hire an attorney who can understand the varied subject matter and different theories of damages and liabilities. Moreover, they can take plenty of time since the court will have to process and review many case documents; as well as listen to hundreds of witnesses.

In case you experience any complications after using the Viberzi medication, you are entitled to joining a dangerous drug mass tort to receive monetary compensation. It can be quite challenging to determine whether your claim is feasible. You should reach out to a mass tort attorney so that you can get an accurate and fair evaluation of your case. Here is a summary of the process of a mass tort claim:

  • Reviewing records. Your attorney will evaluate whether your claim is feasible by assessing the degree of your suffering and going through your medical records.
  • Injury consistency. Your mass tort attorney will check if there are other reported cases of people who used the harmful medical device or drug and suffered from medical
  • Court filing. Each case is consolidated, and it becomes part of a mass tort for fast information gathering and processing.
  • The defendant can opt to negotiate with the plaintiff to settle all the claims, or the suit will proceed to the trial stage.

Find a Viberzi Lawsuit Attorney Near Me

Currently, many attorneys are filing personal injury claims against the manufacturer of Viberzi – Allergan. Don’t miss out on receiving your deserved monetary compensation if you or your loved one used Viberzi and ended up developing some severe negative side effects such as pancreatitis and sphincter of Oddi spasm. Moreover, you may have a feasible claim if this IBS medication caused you to suffer from economic and emotional distress. The dangerous drugs lawsuit experts at Consumer Alert Now will help you know more about Viberzi Mass Tort issues in the United States. We can also link you up with a reliable law firm for you to get assistance. Get in touch with us at 800-511-0747, and we will be happy to help you.