When a dangerous or defective product injures a consumer, the manufacturer, and any other party associated with the product, must assume responsibility for the resulting damages. That will be the case of parents whose children incurred injuries, and others lost their lives after consuming infant formulas like Similac and Enfamil. The products could have been safe for consumption by infants, but the lack of warning that they could increase premature babies’ risk of NEC is the issue. Parents are now upset over this lack of warning and seek compensation for the resulting damages.

Fortunately, product liability laws are evident in the United States. An aggressive product liability attorney could help you recover your damages if your child was harmed. Since so many children are affected, you could join a mass tort to fight alongside other affected parents to recover the compensation you deserve.

Infant Formula for Premature Babies

Nutrition is very important for premature babies. They need adequate and regular feeds to boost their growth to attain the right weight. Breast milk is highly recommended as the safest and most effective way for preemies to attain the nutrients their bodies require. However, sometimes doctors substitute breast milk with infant formula when the babies are still in NICU. That has increased NRC risks for these babies.

Necrotizing enterocolitis or NEC is a disease that occurs when the tissues of the inner lining of an infant’s small and large intestines are damaged and start to die. It causes the intestines to become infected and inflamed. The infection can spread to the rest of the infant’s body, causing significant damage. That could leave the baby needing lifelong care, or the child could lose its life.

NEC is very common with premature babies. Its actual cause is unknown, but many studies have linked it to cow milk in most infant formulas. When a premature infant is frequently fed on infant formula while in NICU, they have a higher risk of developing NEC. Doctors did not know the connection between infant formula and NEC for a long time until researchers publicized their findings.

The safest way to keep premature infants from NEC is by feeding them exclusively on breast milk. Infrequent infant formula feeds also help in-between breast milk feeds, but they still put the babies at risk. When hospitals, doctors, and parents are aware of this connection, they will likely make safer decisions about feeding the babies to keep them safe and healthy. Proper warnings also protect manufacturers from legal suits like these.

Manufacturers Have Been Marketing Infant Formulas for Premature Babies

Most infant formula brands are based on cow milk. Current research on the connection between infant formula and NEC shows that the cow milk in these formulas increases premature babies’ risk of acquiring the disease. It means that infant formulas will not be safe for premature babies. However, manufacturers of infant formulas like Similac and Enfamil have marketed their products for premature babies. Parents now feel that the company took advantage of their lack of information to drive sales at the expense of their babies’ health.

Similac and Enfamil have products specifically made for premature babies, including Similac Special Care and Enfamil Premature Infant Formula. While marketing their products, manufacturers Mead Johnson and Abbott Laboratories failed to warn of a possible risk of NEC if exclusively fed on premature babies. Hospitals, doctors, and parents relied on these products without knowing their harm to the babies’ bodies. Consequently, many infants have suffered lifelong injuries, and others have lost their lives. Parents are now upset over the manufacturers’ negligence and demand compensation for their losses and their little one’s damages.

Research has revealed that breast milk is protected against NEC, but cow milk increases the risk of the disease. Breast milk contains a substance called epidermal growth factor (EGF), which prevents intestinal cell damage and also restores cell growth to promote gut healing. Therefore, the manufacturers’ claims that their products are nourishing and safe for premature infants are misleading.

Families are Fighting Back

NEC is a dangerous disease. It leaves devastating results on infants and could result in death. When bacteria invade the intestines of a premature baby, it causes inflammation and infection. The disease progresses very fast. It will decrease oxygen supply to the infant’s vital organs, causing partial or complete destruction of its bowels. Some babies have been successfully treated, while others depend on their caregivers for life. Sadly, some parents are reeling from the loss of their loved ones.

Legal experts believe that these deaths and injuries could have been avoided were the companies honest with hospitals, doctors, and parents from the beginning. These parties needed a simple warning about the likely effects of the premature infant formulas on the babies. Then, they would have made informed decisions that could have saved lives.

Families are now filing Enfamil and Similac lawsuits against the manufacturers for negligence. Infant formula manufacturers must warn the medical community and public members about the risks of feeding infant formula to premature infants. Additionally, plaintiffs claim that the companies falsely advertised their products as safe and similar to breast milk.

These are valid claims that plaintiffs can present before a jury to receive adequate compensation for their losses. The number of lawsuits increases by the day as more upset parents join in to demonstrate their displeasure with the manufacturers. It is a matter of time before all cases are filed in court. The manufacturers will probably seek a quick out-of-court settlement to avoid losing more when the judges decide.

Join an Enfamil and Similac Lawsuit Near Me

Are you a parent of a child that developed NEC after consuming infant formula?

You are right to be upset over the lack of warning on infant formulas associated with NEC. You can find a competent product liability attorney and become a part of a class action near you for help and support in filing a winning lawsuit against the responsible manufacturer. Consumer Alert Now offers information and help with filing mass tort lawsuits against negligent manufacturers and sellers. Call us at 800-511-0747 for more information regarding these lawsuits and help with becoming a part of a class action.