Premature babies are exposed to multiple health risks arising from different factors. As a result, their health and development are a primary concern for parents and medical caregivers, particularly their diets. Since their bodies are slightly underdeveloped, infants in this category will require milk formula packed with all necessary ingredients yet gentle to their delicate digestive tract. While reputable baby formula manufacturers have provided usable products, recent reports reveal harmful components in the finished products. Consequently, numerous infants in the country have developed Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC), posing serious health risks. You can file a lawsuit against the negligent baby formula manufacturers with the help of Consumer Alert Now for a chance to seek compensation. Thanks to our expertise in defective product laws and mass tort procedures, you can expect to undergo a smooth legal process.

Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC) Problems Associated with Baby Formula Products

Usually, a newborn’s internal organs are delicate and may react adversely to complex food components. Thus, the ideal situation would require a mother to nurse their infant until their bodies are ready to digest different types of food.

However, some newborns suck on their mothers, mostly if they are born prematurely. This is because they remain in incubators throughout, especially if they require oxygen supply and constant heart rate monitoring. Subsequently, the alternative is feeding the infants using baby formula milk.

Your doctor may recommend formula-based nutrition because it should be mild on the baby’s digestive system on top of providing vital nutrients. This way, you avoid feeding the child complex foods that could cause complications.

Despite this, some manufactured baby formula brands have caused a significant increase in Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC) problems among premature newborns. Findings report that the infants portray NEC symptoms shortly after introducing baby formula milk. Medical studies reveal that most infants will not display any underlying digestive conditions before feeding the formula.

Consequently, studies were conducted to confirm the suspected correlation between harmful baby formula products and Necrotizing Enterocolitis. The findings confirmed the hypothesis, meaning that some manufacturers were releasing harmful products into the market.

Baby Formula Manufacturers Under Investigation

Following the concluded investigations, two main manufacturers were found to have defective baby formula products. Firstly, Abbott Labs is answerable for Similac Special Care formula products that cause multiple Necrotizing Enterocolitis cases every year. Secondly, Mead Johnson is also liable for releasing NeuroPro EnfaCare Infant Formula and Enfamil Human Milk Fortifier, both triggering NEC among infants.

Upon further investigation, findings revealed that the products contained bovine milk, a component that infants’ digestive tracts cannot digest. This is because its chemical composition is complex compared to a mother’s milk or other non-harmful formula products.

Due to the bovine milk, babies fed milk from Abbott Lab or Mead Johnson formulas develop digestive complications resulting in Necrotizing Enterocolitis. Furthermore, untreated cases may persist for long and cause fatalities, as already reported in some cases.

Long Term Outcomes of Necrotizing Enterocolitis in Infants

Apart from causing intense pain and medical complications for babies, Necrotizing Enterocolitis can pave the way for additional long-term conditions. Mostly, these outcomes may last until the minor’s adolescence stage or even into adulthood. Therefore, learning of these effects can be pivotal in preparing a compelling case against the liable manufacturing companies.

Some of the identified long term effects include:


Sepsis is a condition that manifests after a severe infection. A sepsis diagnosis often means that a bacteria infection has spread from its initial point of contact to the entire body. Furthermore, the condition is potentially fatal and requires immediate medical attention. Since Necrotizing Enterocolitis causes tissue along the digestive tract to degenerate and die, you want to remain alert and identify sepsis symptoms as soon as possible.

Short Bowel Syndrome

Additionally, your child may develop persistent short bowel syndrome. The condition is identifiable by the inability to absorb nutrients in the body and the inability to retain food in the gut. Subsequently, the affected person may vomit and suffer from diarrhea frequently, leading to other conditions like severe dehydration.

Abdominal Infections

Moreover, victims of Necrotizing Enterocolitis have reported increased abdominal infections, especially Peritonitis. These infections may persist into early childhood years or even into adulthood in extreme cases.

Filing a Necrotizing Enterocolitis Lawsuit

When your or a loved one’s child suffers from NEC after consuming defective baby formula products, filing a lawsuit should be a priority. In doing so, you have a chance to recover for the damages caused to the child.

The first step involves consulting a legal professional for guidance on tackling the lawsuit. Upon discussing the case circumstances, the professional will advise you to file a mass tort lawsuit to increase your chances of success. Under legal procedures, a mass tort lawsuit consolidates multiple aggrieved parties who all suffered similar outcomes after using a defective consumable product.

Before filing your case, you will need to comply with civil procedure requirements like sourcing credible evidence and aligning your case facts to other affected parties. Moreover, your case must involve a condition that directly arose from using Abbott Labs or Mead Johnson products, as they are the two companies under investigation.

Upon verifying compliance with the requirements, you can join the mass tort lawsuit and await the final outcome. Please note that you may need to testify on the child’s experience, as well as on your own behalf in court. Therefore, you want to prepare adequately for the record of events you are about to provide.

While most mass tort lawsuits are successful, you will still need to wait for the case to conclude in the claimants’ favor before you can recover damages. Nevertheless, some cases may fail due to lack of proper evidence, inaccurate details, or unrelated problems phrased relating to the use of a defective product. Thus, your legal consultant will guide you on the best case strategies to apply.

Contact a Mass Tort Legal Expert Near Me

Upon trusting well-known manufacturing brands to supply baby formula for your child’s wellbeing, they owe you a duty of care to provide quality products. Moreover, they should inform consumers of any potentially harmful substance in the formula to help avoid complications among young infants. Subsequently, seeking legal redress after your baby suffers from Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC) is advisable. At Consumer Alert Now, you will work with highly skilled mass tort lawsuit professionals in your case. Our services are available to aggrieved parties nationwide, making us a reliable partner. If you or a loved one requires legal assistance in lodging a Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC) lawsuit, call us today at 800-511-0747.